Are you constantly looking for a functional phone charger? Have you gotten shocked thanks to frayed cables, or realized in horror that your cable is so worn out it will take hours to properly charge your phone? Or even worse, have you found yourself trying to transfer a large amount from your computer to your phone before a trip, only to realize that if you wait for it to finish you’ll miss your flight? All of these situations are avoidable if you find a quality USB charging cable. You’ll also have to consider just how important transfer speed is to you. Thanks to USB-C to USB-C cables you can now get even faster transfer speeds, but you’ll need an adapter. Let’s take a look at some of the best cords on the market.

Reliable connection. Amazon

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Anker has a deserved reputation for making tough and reliable charging cords. This Powerline II offers 6 feet of cable for USB-C to USB-C to charge and transfer data from your devices. At 60W, it’s certified to work with your Nintendo Switch, Samsung’s Galaxy line and the most-recent MacBook’s, and IPad Pro. The biggest attraction here is its durability. Anker says it’s been tested in the lab to make it through 12,000 bends which means it lasts about 12 times longer than most other cables.

Quickly move data. Amazon

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The Anker Thunderbolt 3.0 cable offers 100W charging for your laptop and transfers data at 40bps. At that speed you’ll be able to share songs and video in seconds. The cable also touts the ability to display video to one screen at 5K, or two screens at 4K resolution. You should be able to use this cord with just about all of your USB C devices.

Connect to older devices. Amazon

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This 6 foot cable is great for connecting your phone to an old-school usb port, whether it’s on your laptop or charging adapter. You won’t get blazing transfer speeds here due to the use of USB 2.0 but the build quality matches anything you might see from Apple or Google and it sells at a much more reasonable price.

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AmazonBasics brings you a USB-C to USB-A charger that is backwards compatible with USB 3.0 and 2.0. So you’ll get decent transfer and charging speeds while using your USB-C device with an older laptop. Its also the most affordable cable on the list.