With a smart water bottle, your drink will stay colder longer, and you can track your H2O intake throughout the day. Some are even connected to apps that identify your long-term hydration patterns and allow you to set goals for how much you drink. Smart bottles have a diversity of functions, with some capable of purifying your water or adding nutrients to it. Others can act as bluetooth speakers or tea infusers. Whichever you choose, a smart water bottle is sure to make hydrating easier and more fun. Here are our favorites on the scene right now.

Sleekest design: LARQ Lightweight Self-Cleaning and Non-Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Lightweight And Charges Via USB

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This sleek stainless steel bottle purifies water with UV technology. All you have to do is hold the button on the cap and you’ll have pure and perfect water within 60 seconds. The LARQ also self-cleans every two hours, so its interior stays spotless and without odor.

Value pick: ICEWATER 3-in-1 Smart Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Two Color Choices

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This stainless steel bottle keeps your water cold for up to 24 hours. It also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, so you can take the party with you wherever you go. If placed on a wooden surface, it resonates to create an extra bass response and even has a modest light show option! The ICEWATER is lightweight and reminds you to drink water by glowing every hour.

Top pick: Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle

Most Comfortable To Drink From

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The Hidrate Spark 3 tracks your hydration on an app via Bluetooth, and it glows to remind you when to drink. It’s particularly comfortable to hold because of its silicone exterior. Set goals for drinking enough water each day, and stick to them with minimal effort. The battery is replaceable and located in the bottom of the bottle.