Nothing beats hands-free cleaning—and it truly doesn’t get any better than a robot mop. A cousin of the robot vacuum and sister to the robot mop/vacuum hybrid, these powerful machines are dedicated to one thing and one thing only: keeping your floors sparkling clean with advanced mopping features. Robot mops are a great way to sit back and relax while getting your space in order. They work quickly and efficiently to remove liquid spills, stains, and more. Plus, they can get the job done in a room of practically any size. Retire your old mop and get ready to enjoy more free time while these things work away on your floors.

A new best friend for you and your Roomba. Amazon

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This iRobot mop is the talk of the town when it comes to high-tech features and precision cleaning. Connect this little guy to your phone, Alexa, or Google Assistant to tell your new friend where to clean and when, you can even schedule a clean in advance. Using the Imprint Smart Mapping technology you can set up “Keep Out Zones” so you don’t have your diligent cleaner wandering into rooms you know don’t need attention. As the Braava cleans it will map out your home and save the information so it can specifically avoid rugs, get under furniture, and hit all the corners. Choose between Home, Clean, and Spot Clean options so your iRobot mop can tackle your needs. Go even further by selecting the “dry-sweeping” mode so you can get pet hair, dust, and other small debris out of the way before mopping. Once that’s done, you can take advantage of two wet cleaning options with either disposable or reusable cleaning pads. The Braava can cover 1,000 square feet without running out of battery, so you can get the entire apartment mopped in one go. For all the robot cleaning fanatics out there, your Braava can sync up with your Roomba to automatically clean in sequence. Your home has never looked better.

Bathroom grime, be gone! Amazon

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Not to be confused with the Jet M6 from iRobot, the Jet 240 is a budget-friendly way to clean smaller spaces. If you live in a smaller space, have mostly carpet, or simply want something a little bit more compact, the Jet 240 is the way to go. This little robot is only 7 inches wide and about 3.5 inches tall making it the smallest model listed here. It’s tiny enough to get around your toilet or your bathtub, under furniture, and between kitchen chairs. Like the M6, this smaller option can dry-sweep first before mopping to get rid of lint, dust, etc. Fill the water tank with hot water (or iRobot cleaning solution), choose a reusable or disposable cleaning pad to insert, hit the button, and watch it go to town. You’ll be able to keep your hands nice and clean because the Jet 240 has a release button to dispose of a used cleaning pad. You’ll also be able to use the iRobot app to set up an invisible boundary that the Jet 240 will follow or simply let it run wild with its built-in bump navigation technology. With the Jet 240, you won’t have any more excuses to avoid cleaning the bathroom.

A clean home is one button away. Amazon

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The iLife W400s will give you a thorough clean for beautiful floors. This robot mop is simple, easy to use, and reliable. Just drop it onto its charging dock, fill up the tank with water, and (when you’re ready) set it down in the area you want it to clean. On a full charge, this compact machine can clean for a full 130 minutes and cover 600 square feet before needing to juice up. When it’s done cleaning, simply empty out the dirty water tank and marvel at all of the grime it was able to soak up. The W400s has four cleaning modes, Path, Area, Spot and Edge so you can get specific about the kind of clean you need. It works by first spraying the floor with clean water to soften debris, next it scrubs the floor with a microfiber roller, then suctions up the dirty water, and finally wipes any residue with a rubber scraper.

Multi-use majesty. Amazon

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The Everybot is a multi-mop ready to tackle your toughest messes. Instead of a cleaning pad, the Everybot uses two dual-spin mop brushes for a powerful clean. It is remote controlled and includes 7 cleaning modes: Auto, Intensive, Corner (which means it follows the walls), S-curve, Y-curve (directions of motion), Manual, and Handy. The Handy mode means you can take your mop to new levels, tackling walls, windshields, and windows. You won’t have to worry about replenishing the water supply all the time because the Everybot has two large reservoir water tanks. If you are looking for something malleable and truly multi-purpose, the Everybot is for you.