Are all those days spent slumped over your computer starting to wear out your back? Posture correctors are a great option for quick relief, gently encouraging proper alignment and reducing pain caused by slouching. They fit seamlessly under clothes and get to work readjusting your back and shoulders while you go about your regular routine.

We found a few comfy, discreet options that will completely change the way you sit and stand.

Won’t restrict arm movements. Amazon

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This lightweight posture corrector only needs to be worn 20-30 minutes per day to help improve your alignment. The unisex design comfortably fits chests that range from 30-43 inches and won’t hinder arm movements or pinch your back. Added points for its durable, latex-free material.

Split straps are easily adjustable for support. Amazon

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BackEmbrace’s machine-washable straps fit snugly around your chest and crisscross your back to promote realignment. Your shoulders will be guided backwards for a healthy stance and the split straps can be adjusted for the level of support you need. It’s also helpful for alleviating “tech neck,” which happens when you’ve been slouching over your phone for too long.

No uncomfortable chafing. Amazon

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Soft, moveable shoulder pads prevent uncomfortable armpit chafing while wearing the Mercase Posture Corrector. The mesh design offers breathability, while two built-in auxiliary bars provide support for the lower back, upper back, and shoulders. Fasten the double waist belt for extra support and then easily adjust for your comfort level.

Ranges from 25-53 inches in size. Amazon

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This compact posture corrector is perfect if you’re looking for a non-bulky support system. It sits comfortably around the shoulders and fits discreetly under clothing, so you can go about your day while straightening your stance. The unisex design can be adjusted between 25 to 53 inches and is built with hypoallergenic, latex-free material.