To get the most out of your PlayStation 4, you need to bring in add-ons and mods like a street racer that could turn a Toyota Corolla into a speed demon.

To start amping up your PS4 experience, we recommend the following accessories, which include charging stations, cooling fans, and memory drives.

The best: Playstation 4 Pro 2TB Gaming Console


Things may change with the next iteration, but for now, this is a gamer-centric piece of hardware that delivers some of the best play experiences around. Amazon

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The game console has evolved into a multimedia entertainment center, and while the PS4 Pro has all the capabilities to stream movies and music and play Blu-Rays, you have to admire its commitment to being games-first in almost all things. From its PlayStation Now subscription service (which gives members access to more than 800 game) to its interface that puts your most recent games front and center when you log in, it goes out of its way to remind you about its prime directive.

For the collector: Western Digital 4TB Gaming Drive

Keep The Entertainment Coming

There’s a lot to love in this little black box. Amazon

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No PS4 gamer worth their thumb pads should ever have to suffer the indignity of deleting a game off the console’s hard drive to make space for a new one. The WD external hard drive brings a substantial 4TB storage capacity to the mix, ensuring that downloads and updates are saved with maxing out your console’s memory. Easily connected by USB cord, the hard drive smoothly integrates into the PS4; once installed, it will automatically be chosen as the default storage space (unless told otherwise). Given the increasing data load of games, this is a wise investment.

For long sessions: WF USB Cooling Fan Stand

Keep It Chill

Make sure your devices don’t overheat. Amazon

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Ultimately, the PS4 is a computer—and like a desktop, it can run very, very hot. This dual-purpose stand and cooling fan is a great way to ensure you don’t burn out during that overly complicated side quest. The setup connects via USB and features cool LED lights that makes for good aesthetics on top of functionality.

Best for accessories: LinkStyle 5-Port USB Hub

Pick The Right Fit For Your System

Not sexy, but necessary. Amazon

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Adding accessories to your PS4 takes up a lot of precious USB space, so you’ll need to expand your capabilities if you want to mod your console properly. The LinkStyle hub is an easy way to add five additional USB slots—no additional drivers or software needed. Just plug in and forge on to battle. It’s even designed to look like an extension of the console. Overall, it’s a practical add-on if you’re going to be using a lot of external devices with your PS4.

For intimidation: Pandaren Studded Anti-Slip Cover Skin

Get A Grip

Choose your design for improved playing. Amazon

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Throwing a studded plastic skin onto your PS4 controller not only makes it look badass, it also shows your opponents that you mean business. Available in a range of colors, from solid blue to green camo to skull-adorned red, there’s a cover for every gamer personality. On the more practical side, the skin and the thumbstick protectors (included) reduce wear and tear on your controller, and are extremely easy to put on. As a bonus, the combos come in four different sizes—one of which adds a good inch or two to the thumbstick, making it great for gamers with larger hands.

Central hub: Skywin PSVR Charging Display Stand

Everything In One Place

A holder that really delivers. Amazon

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OK, so you’re a master PS4 gamer. You have multiple controllers, the PlayStation VR headset, microphone-equipped headphones, and the PSVR wand controllers. How do you keep them all juiced while also announcing to the world that you’re the one to beat? With the Skywin charging display stand. As its name suggests, it’s got two purposes in mind: powering your devices while also giving you a cool place to store and show them off. Designed to take up minimal space, it is the ideal monument to your gaming obsession.