We’ve all been there: you wake up or come home to an unexpected gift from even the most trained and diligent cat or dog. No sweat: the problem is quickly more manageable if you have the right cleaner on hand. A good spray combines enzymes and ingredients that are safe for humans to tackle any unexpected excrement. Here are some of the best options on the market.

Gallon Size Available

This spray has the right mix of catalysts and lack of harmful chemicals to take care of any smelly mess. It’s best to let this product work its magic on a stain for 30 to 60 minutes. Amazon

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Seek out a multipurpose spray that will work on your surfaces ranging from tile and wood floors to carpets, as well as your laundry. Oftentimes, you can soak your clothing, linen, or other fabrics in a pre-soak cycle, wash, and then enjoy the fresh-scented and stain-free result.

Reduces Tracking

This spray is built for the toughest stains, from vomit to diarrhea. It requires only about 10 minutes of setting in, and achieves a neutral scent. Amazon

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Simply addressing the stain after an accident is often an insufficient response, and your dog could be right back to fostering a habit that leaves you with an unpleasant-smelling home. By using an odor eliminator to get rid of the smell, you discourage your pet from returning to the scene of the crime.

Made From Fresh Fruit

This cleaner is safe around your kids and animals, and it works fast without scrubbing required to eliminate blemishes on your most prized rugs, furniture, or other surfaces. It can tackle solid and liquid waste. Amazon

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Many stain-fighting solutions are advanced enough to require no work on your end: simply spray or pour onto the problem area, and don’t worry about mixing to create a solvent. Look for options that are ready to use.