Having a sturdy, reliable freezer bag during a road trip or on your next grocery run can save you from a messy situation. Who wants melted ice cream all over the car seat? Whether you’re a regular camper or just doing a quick meal delivery, it pays to have compartments to keep everything fresh and cold. These insulated freezer bags are lightweight, come with said handy compartments, and can stand up to the elements.

Check out some of our favorite packable freezer bags:

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Snacks, drinks, and everything in between—sometimes, you just need to pack it all up and keep it cold to enjoy later. But it works best when you had a reliable packable freezer bag that will have your back—in this case, for around 12 hours. This model is as heavy-duty and comes with thick insulation, double zippers, an extra liner to keep things clean, and multiple pockets for all of those snacks. The shoulder straps will keep you comfy as you transport the goods, and if anything happens, the lifetime warranty will allow you to replace any broken parts.

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Looking for something to cover you when you’re in charge of drinks for the whole gang? This cooler bag can pack up to 30 cans, enough for a whole camping weekend and tubing trip. Better yet, it keeps ice and drinks cold for 24 hours. No leaks here either, thanks to double insulation and sturdy construction. For snacks, keys, or any other dry items, you can use the outside pocket to keep them safe.

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A day at the beach can certainly make your family hungry and thirsty, so what better way to be prepared than with one of these three sizable insulated freezer bags? They’re perfect for quickly packing up snacks as they stand up on their own. They’re also made of waterproof material and reinforced stitching to keep any sand or water out. When you’re done, just collapse them and fold them for storage. Each bag can carry up to 30 pounds of drinks and food, so no hangry kids here.

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It may be a splurge for your next hike or outdoor trip, but you’ll be glad when you have that cold water to drink. Don’t let the soft exterior fool you: This hands-free, waterproof freezer bag makes portability cool—so cool it even floats in the water when you’re on the river. Your drinks and food will stay cold for more than 24 hours, and you can get access to the goods inside without having to deal with a zipper. There are three sizes to choose from. When not in use, simply roll it up and toss it in your trunk for your next adventure.