We’ve all been there—at the grocery checkout line with a live basil plant and dreams of fresh pesto and caprese salad. But things get busy, or our kitchens don’t get enough sunlight, and within weeks the plant is wilting. Kitchen-top herb garden systems are a great solution for this, with LED grow lights and a water reservoir that make caring for plants fun and easy. And once you use some of your fresh grown herbs in a recipe, you’ll never want to go back.

We’ve picked some of our favorite herb garden systems for your kitchen.

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The AeroGarden is an incredibly easy way to grow fresh herbs right on your kitchen countertop. 40 Watt LED grow lights help herbs grow strong and bushy, without sunlight or placement concerns. Seeds are grown in water—avoiding the mess of soil—and watered through filling up a removable bowl at the bottom. A touch screen tells you how much water is left in the trough, making vacations easy to prepare for.

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Vegebox’s herb garden is another great hydroponic table top choice. This slightly smaller size has space for nine individual plants. You just germinate seeds, plant them into the pods, and watch them grow. Plants benefit form 21 Watt LED grow lights that are auto-timed to turn on and off, for the best results. In less than a month, your herbs will flourish.

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GrowLED’s kitchen garden boasts ten slots for growing herbs, and an LED grow light that is self-timed to give your plants 16 hours of sunlight a day. The kit comes with nutrient packed smart soil, which means you won’t need to use fertilizer, or deal with the hassle of germination and transplanting—you can also buy soil pods with the seeds pre-planted. We think GRowLED’s indoor garden is the sleekest looking of the bunch.

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Click and Grow’s kitchen herb garden packs similar functionality into a smaller package—with LED grow lights, a water reservoir, and space for three herbs. Popularized on Kickstarter, this tiny herb garden can grow parsley, cilantro, rosemary, and sage, and even pepper plants and small strawberry bushes.