Fallen leaves can be gorgeous—but less so when they’re covering your yard in a thick orange, red, and gold blanket. No one wants to spend every weekend raking. Thankfully, the chore of keeping your property looking great is made easier with a leaf blower. Whether gas-powered or electric, leaf blowers use powerful jets of air to clear fallen foliage. Highly portable, they’re easy to use in gardens, behind shrubs, and anywhere that collects dead leaves.

Leaf blowers can be handheld or worn like backpacks; the latter are usually more powerful, though weigh more and take up more room in the garage or storage shed. Electric leaf blowers come in two varieties: corded and cordless. Plugging into a wall limits the unit’s range, but it also ensures you won’t run out of power in the middle of a job. Electric leaf blowers don’t always provide as much power as their gas-guzzling kin, but they’re lighter and quieter. A gas-powered leaf blower can handle larger jobs with ease, but expect to pay a little more for that extra oomph. You’ll also need to make sure you’ve got fuel on hand.

Leaf blowers measure their power with blow speed (measured in MPH) and the amount of air being released (cubic feet per minute, or CFM). For properties larger than an acre, consider a blower with a minimum CFM of 400.

Whichever tool you choose, the leaf blower saves time and effort and helps keep your property looking clean.

Integrated, ventilated harness. Amazon

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Husqvarna’s general purpose leaf blower has a healthy CFM of 495, and an airspeed of 180 MPH. It features the company’s X-Torq engine for increased power, better fuel economy, and reduced emissions. Ergonomic controls are mounted right on the tube for ease-of-use, and a cruise-control feature allows you to maintain constant air-power for extended periods without riding the throttle. An integrated, ventilated harness makes wearing the 22-pound machine more comfortable, and the fuel tank holds a respectable 42.27 fluid ounces of gas.

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This electric, hand-held blower moves 350 CFM of air at 250 MPH, making it an excellent choice for full-size lawns. A convenient, oscillating tip on the front of the tube helps reduce fatigue by providing wider coverage without your having to constantly move the blower left and right. The unit also functions as a handy 410-CFM leaf-vacuum and shredder, and includes a capture bag to help make cleanup faster. While having to remain tethered to an outlet might be inconvenient, you’ll have enough power for even the longest days. And since the unit only weighs 9.8 pounds, you’ll have enough energy to keep going, too.

Wireless lithium-ion technology. Amazon

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It only weighs 10 pounds, but this cordless, hand-held electric blower still delivers a whopping 580 CFM at 145 MPH. It’s all thanks to an 80V lithium-ion battery that can handle an acre of yard work. The molded grip includes a variable-speed trigger and cruise control, and the unit starts using push-button technology—so there’s no cord to pull. A brushless motor helps keep down noise while extending the blower’s life.

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This hand-held, gas-powered unit delivers 430 CSM, with an airspeed of 200 MPH. The Easy Start technology makes for simpler pull-starts, and once working, you can coast using the cruise control. A translucent fuel tank helps you keep track of gas consumption, and at only 11 pounds, it won’t tire you out in the middle of a job.