Great coffee beans for cold brew

Get your caffeine fix even in the stickiest of heat with a delicious medium roast.

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If you can’t bear to sip a piping hot mug of dark roast on a scorching day, we understand. Beans specifically crafted for cold brew can be a life-saver and an instant boost to your day; you just need to sift through flavor profiles, roasts, and origins to find your match. We handled some of the work, so you can get your cool java sooner. Here are our leading cold brew options.

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These beans are roasted in California, and once they arrive in your cup, they’re fruity and sweet with notes of toffee. This coffee is super easy to brew; just add a few cups of water and one and a half cups of the grounds into a French press. You can serve immediately or after refrigeration. This brand also commits to flavor, scent, and significantly lower acidity, if that’s your speed.

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This low-acid, whole-bean blend melds sweet and floral tones that manifest into a cocoa-like consistency. It’s also a product you can feel good about buying: the company says it donates a portion of proceeds from every pound sold to aid reforestation in Ecuador, which is in effort to provide homes for plants and animals and free the air of excess CO2. You’ll need a grinder for this blend; saturate the grounds for at least 18 hours, filter them, and you’ll end up with cold brew that keeps for up to two weeks.

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If you’re a dark roast lover, look no further than Stone Street. These beans crafts for cold brew come either whole or grounded and in sizes ranging from one pound to five pounds. It’s brewed from 100 percent Columbian beans via small-batch roasters in Brooklyn, New York.

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We get it: there are mornings or other occasions when brewing your own cold-brew feels daunting, and who are we to judge? This 12-pack of 8-ounce cold brew cans comes in four varieties, including nitro and double espresso. This coffee is ready-to-drink, smooth in consistency, and bold but not bitter in flavor.


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