This maze has three solutions. Can you solve them all?

Give your brain a wee workout with this puzzle.
Head trip maze

tk Glenn Orzepowski

We know you are bored at home right now—we are too. Here are some puzzles and brainteasers to challenge your family and friends with, either in person or over video chat.

Humans have meandered through mazes for thousands of years, whether they be ancient Egyptian labyrinths, a Minotaur’s lair, passageways carved in cornfields, or horrifying hedges in Stephen King’s The Shining. Each puzzle’s objective is simple: Navigate through winding corridors and dead ends to reach the finish—that could mean you emerge on the other side, or sit soundly at its center. In this maze above, three distinct routes, each originating from a different entryway, will guide you to the middle. Can you traverse them all?

Click here to see the solution to the maze

This story appeared in the Spring 2020, Origins issue of Popular Science.