This training will help you pave a career in engineering for just $29

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If you look closely at any exciting new technology you want to buy in the world today, like Theraguns, Ring doorbells, or sweet VR headsets, you’ll find one thing they all have in common: engineers. No, we don’t mean the kind of engineer that builds bridges or retrofits buildings. We’re talking about the engineers who create robots and AI machines, develop algorithms that crunch data like nobody’s business, and more. 

With The Mathematics for Engineers Prep Bundle, you can get in on the magic by dipping your toes into some of the math you need to be an engineer. And the best part? This comprehensive training is on sale right now for more than 95 percent off. 

Inside you’ll find 9 courses and over 60 hours of math content, which is perfect for any person who considers themselves an aspiring engineer. But if the word “mathematics” sends a little shiver down your spine, there’s no need to fear. This training package is built around teaching methods that use intuitive and real-world examples to properly reinforce everything you learn.

Plus, you’re in good hands: the courses in this bundle are taught by two engineering connoisseurs. Mark Misin is an aerospace and robotics engineer, while Kashif Altaf holds a Masters in engineering and has over 11 years of university-level teaching experience. 

Before you know it, you’ll learn how to utilize calculus in order to solve actual day-to-day problems that are engineers’ bread and butter and how to work with 3D coordinate systems to create powerful graphs that will help you visualize projects, solve integrals, differential equations, and more. Inside, you can also find other staples of engineering math like limits, derivatives, vectors, linear algebra– but all taught in a way that puts your high school math education to shame. 

The Mathematics for Engineers Prep Bundle normally retails for $1195, but for a limited time, you can get it for only $28.99

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