The Week In Numbers: Size Of Saturn’s Hurricane, Cost Of A Touchscreen-Enabled Home, And More

1,250 miles: the diameter of a monstrous hurricane on Saturn, captured in spectacular detail by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft

75 percent: the portion of commonly used lipsticks and lip-glosses that tested positive for lead in a recent study

2015: the year this single-seat airplane is set to circumnavigate the world on sun power alone (it began its journey across the U.S. this morning)

800,000 tonnes: the amount of garbage Norway imported from Sweden last year (yes, Norway is running out of garbage, and it’s a problem)

$5: the cost to turn every screen in your home into a touchscreen

10,000: the number of atoms IBM Research scientists moved, one at a time, to create the world’s tiniest stop-motion film

800 pounds: the weight of a solar-powered, student-designed tank that will explore the wilds of Greenland

10: the number of International Bitterness Units in the average American lager

2,275: the number of houses destroyed by the Nigerian army last month, revealed by satellite images. The Nigerian military had claimed it only burned 30 homes.

15 million: the estimated number of Americans who suffer from compulsive hoarding

959: the number of individual cells in this open-source virtual worm

11 billion: the number of gallons of untreated or partially treated waste that sewage plants dumped into waterways after Hurricane Sandy (that’s the equivalent of NYC’s Central Park, packed 41 feet high with untreated sewage)

24: the number of robot arms on Chile’s Very Large Telescope, which will observe what the universe was like when it was much younger

100: the number of balloons an awesome DIY laser tore through in one shot (watch them pop in reverse!)

165 feet: the length of the world’s longest upside-down roller-coaster drop (the terrifying Gatekeeper ride mimics the sensation of riding on the wing of a plane)