Asparagus Prevents Hangovers, Incredibly Useful Study Finds

Plan your pre-New Year's shopping accordingly.

It’s the holidays, so maybe you’ve been drinking too much. And maybe you’ve been dealing with a few too many hangovers. But no more. Just stuff some asparagus in your pocket and enjoy your New Year’s Eve.

Research published in the Journal of Food Science studied the effects of asparagus shoots and leaves on mouse and human liver cells. Specifically, researchers took a look at potentially beneficial amino acids and minerals found in asparagus extract (so maybe not exactly the full vegetable). “Cellular toxicities,” as lead researcher B.Y. Kim calls them, were alleviated with asparagus, and the veggie even protected liver cells, the team’s study suggests.

The study is a bit old–it was published in 2009. But still. This is very important stuff to know! Stock up on the green stuff before you imbibe.

Science Daily