These new versions of classic camping supplies work as great as they look

Sexy updates to trusty trekking supplies.

Nature is the main event, but the right kit keeps you focused on the show. The tools we use to break free from endless suburban sprawl haven’t changed: tent, clothes, and a pack to haul it all. Why not stay a while?

MSR PocketRocket Canister Stove

Some places don’t allow campfires. Others simply have nothing to burn (think snowy mountains). A canister stove has your back. The PocketRocket folds to the size of a softball and will stick with you forever. $39.95 on Amazon

Fjallraven Kajka 65-Liter Pack

When camping for a few days, 65 liters of gear is plenty. The frame on this pack adjusts to men’s and women’s body types, and the lid can be used as a light bag for quick trips from camp. No, it doesn’t come in neon. $370 on Amazon

Black Diamond Ion Headlamp

From helping you find that lost s’more to lighting the path for your 2 a.m. pee break, the camper’s headlamp is a crucial piece of your kit. They’re easy to lose though, so don’t spend a ton on one. $24.95 on Amazon

Oru Bay Kayak

In less than five minutes, the Oru transforms from a folding-chair-size box into a fully functioning boat. Made of tough corrugated plastic, its cockpit features everything you’d expect in a nice kayak: a backrest, butt pad, and braces for your feet. $1,175 on Amazon

Sea to Summit Trek II Sleeping Bag

Mummy sleeping bags are a dream for ­keeping you warm, but a nightmare if you’re claustrophobic. This three-season sleeper’s design opens a bit at the top—so you won’t feel like you’re being prepped for burial. $279 on Amazon

Benchmade Griptilian

A versatile knife will always serve as the ­centerpiece for any outdoor kit. The Griptilian is a worthy companion: Its coated steel blade stays sharp and will beast through rope, food, and kindling. Its rigid locking mechanism is both easy to open and super secure. $115 on Amazon

SnowPeak Trek 1400 Titanium Cookset

Cookware is a camping essential. But steel pots and pans are noisy, add weight, and take up space. This cookset locks together to save your ears from the clanking. And at half a pound, it’s also astonishingly light. $55.95 on Amazon

Mountain Hardwear Optic Two-Person Tent

Mesh walls give you a 180-degree panoramic view of your surroundings. And that fresh cross breeze helps with your awful foot odor. Screens don’t do much for precipitation, so yes, it does come with a rainfly. $240 on Amazon

Vuarnet 60th Anniversary Glacier Glasses

Mick Jagger made Vuarnet glasses rock-star classic in the ’80s, but these are more than just hot. Designed for bright slopes, their lenses and side shields protect your corneas from glacier-reflected sunlight. $600 on Vuarnet’s official site

This article was originally published in the January/February 2017 issue of Popular Science, under the title “Gear for the Long Haul.”