A New Beer In Japan Is Supposed To Make You Prettier

A little dose of collagen in every can

There’s a pervasive belief in Japan that consuming collagen – a protein in connective tissues – makes your skin more beautiful. Many Japanese women buy collagen-rich supplements, powders and food in an effort to preserve their youthful glow.

But now, thanks to the brewery Suntory, you can simultaneously get plastered and become beautiful.

The new drink is called “Precious,” and it contains two grams of collagen per can. It also has five percent alcohol. The official commercial for the product, which primarily targets a female audience, features model Anne Nakamura and comedian Ken Watanabe, who claims, “Guys can tell if a girl’s taking collagen or not!”

For now, the beer will only be sold in Hokkaido. Don’t cry too much over America’s boring old alcohol though – doctors have said this trend has no confirmed benefits. Kuniko Takahashi, a nutrition scientist from Gunma University, dispels the myth in her book “Tabemono Joho Uso Honto,” or “Truth and Falsehood of Food Information.”

“Good protein contains sufficient amounts of all kinds of essential amino acids, and most animal protein falls into this category,” she said in her book. “Collagen is no better than average as a protein.”