camera crush
Hydraulic Press Channel
A Hydraulic Press Makes Film Cameras More Compact

Here’s a math problem: If a picture is worth a thousand words, and a camera can take thousands of pictures, and a hydraulic press can shatter a camera into a thousand pieces…oh, just watch the video already.

Not content with paper, books, other hydraulic presses, or even diamonds, Lauri Vuohensilta of the Hydraulic Press Channel has decided to target cameras. In his latest video, Vuohensilta sends photography nerds into agony by crushing two old film cameras in a hydraulic press. Neither Nikon nor Canon is spared. Nor is a lone, unfortunate lens, which leaves the world with a last, explosive protest against the injustice being done to it.

It is really fun to see the guts of a camera squished out like a smushed mosquito. Maybe next time he’ll crush one of those giant sports telephoto lenses. That would be something to see.

[via Sploid ]