A hi-fidelity LED speaker with a subwoofer for 70 percent off? Yeah, I’d buy it

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Whether I’m unwinding to shredding guitars of an ’80s hair metal band or the minimal compositions of Steve Reich, I’m a the-louder-the-better kind of listener. The sad truth is that my iPhone speakers don’t cut it. They shouldn’t for you, either. Get some home speakers. Better yet, get some home speakers for 30 bucks. Are they unbeatable in terms of sound quality? No, but they’re pretty darn good for $30.

Plus: the iKross LED speakers emit a pulsating blue LED glow, which grooves to the beat (if the bass is up). If the bass isn’t loud enough, turn up the equalizer on the subwoofer to really feel it.

The translucency of the two full-range speakers, designed cover the full audible frequency range, is a nice touch, and make them feel less clunky than other smartphone or computer speakers. No extra adapters or wires needed; they connect with a standard 3.5mm audio jack so anyone can plug in their phone.

Amazon; $30.

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