We all know how staying hydrated, especially during the summer, is important. Carrying a water bottle with you is probably the easiest way to make sure to drink more water. It makes refilling your water on a long day easy, and you’ll never have to spend money on disposable water bottles. If you’re trying to stay hydrated, save money on impulse water purchases, or both, here are some of the best options to choose from. Some things to keep in mind: whether the water bottle leak proof, whether it’s insulated, how heavy the water bottle is, how much water it can contain, and how easy it is to drink from.

Comes in four colors—Matte Black, Gloss Turquoise, Glampagne (gold), and Unicorn Magic (white).

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Glass water bottles won’t keep a temperature as long as a stainless steel bottle. Corkcicle’s 20-ounce hybrid canteen is the best of both worlds and combines design and function. Not only does it have removable stainless steel base for insulation to keep your drinks hot or cold, but also has a classier glass top that’s hypoallergenic. It’s flat, silicone bottom prevents the container from slipping. The container is dishwasher safe and has a wider mouth perfect for slipping in ice cubes or fruits for flavor.

Keeps the liquid cold for hours. Amazon

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The best thing about this water bottle is that it keeps your water really cold (and really hot). The thermos works surprisingly well, and it also has a very strong seal so you can keep this one in your backpack without worrying it’ll leak. It can be a little hard to open—since the seal is so strong—but if you are looking for a water bottle that will truly keep your water cold, and one you can actually store with your valuables and be 100 percent confident it will not spill, this is the best option.

Stay hydrated with this large container. Amazon

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This is one of the lighter water bottles on this list. It’s easy to carry around and is big enough so that you can make sure you’ll stay hydrated for the whole day. The narrow mouth also makes it easy to drink out of. The weight of a water bottle is an easy detail to overlook when you’re shopping online, but it’s one of the most important factors to consider, because you’ll hopefully be carrying this around with you all day, and if it’s too heavy, you might be tempted to leave it behind.

The straw makes it perfect for workouts. Amazon

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The CamelBak eddy water bottle is convenient if you’re looking for one you can drink from very easily with one hand, say, because you are out of breath at the gym. It comes with a built-in straw that makes this one ideal for sports or strenuous activity. Because of the straw, however, it doesn’t have a leak-proof seal, so you can’t put it in your bag. It’s also made from 100 percent BPA free plastic so it’s lightweight and pretty much impossible to break.

A simple option that’s easy to carry. Amazon

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What’s nice about the bkr Glass Water Bottle is the narrow mouth, making it easier to drink a lot of water at once (without spilling it everywhere). The largest size is 32 ounces, and the smaller ones are 16 ounces and 8 ounces. The bottle is made from glass, and it comes with a silicone sleeve, which is quite thick on the bottom, to protect it from breaking in case you do drop it. The top also has a handle that makes it easy to carry and clip it to a backpack or luggage.

They come in more than a dozen designs and colors. Amazon

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You may have heard that you should avoid drinking out of plastic. Or you may just have a preference for drinking out of glass cups or bottles. This glass water bottle has cool silicone patterns as a sleeve, which gives it extra protection and helps make sure it won’t break. Although the silicone won’t prevent breakage in every situation, it will definitely help and make it a lot less likely. It’s also dishwasher safe and comes with a wide enough opening to put ice cubes as well as making it easier to clean.

It’s a thermos, but easy to drink from. Amazon

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The Contigo water bottle is like a thermos, and will keep your water cool for hours. It’s also very to use with one hand as it comes with a built-in straw that you simply need to press a button. This makes this water bottle ideal for sports or any type of on-the-go activity. The one downside is that it’s not entirely leak-proof, but if you don’t need to keep your water bottle in a backpack, and if temperature and ease are a priority for you, this one is a great option.

They’re beautiful. Amazon

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The S’well water bottle is convenient for many different occasions. It’s insulated but not too heavy, not too big to carry around, and easy to drink out of. It’s a good choice to take to the gym because it will keep your drink cold for hours, and is easy to open and close. However, if you’re wanting one you can easily put ice cubes into, this one might be too small. It comes in lots of different interesting designs and patterns, from blue marble to expressionist to wenge wood.