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Tis the season of giving—and the stress that comes with it. How do you get the perfect gift for the person you love? How do you efficiently please a horde of friends and family members? And what about the people at the bottom of your list, who you can’t avoid this season, but don’t want to spend too much of December thinking about? Read on.

Gifts for people you love

Aura Digital Picture Frame

Photos say it all. Amazon

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Nothing says “this is forever” like an endless loop of photos. With Aura’s app for iOS and Android, you can wirelessly beam those better-off-deleted bachelor party pics, angelic images of chubby-cheeked babies, and everything else crowding your cloud right into this digital frame.

Leaf Supply: A Guide to Keeping Happy House Plants

A book by Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan. Amazon

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This cute, comprehensive guide to houseplants will ensure you don’t destroy your love fern. With 100 plant profiles and gorgeous photography, it’s the white whale of coffee table books: good looking and something you actually want to crack open.

Porcelain tea set—and tea!

People you love should love tea Amazon

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Love allows you to appreciate the finer things in life, like tea time. When filled with Tea Forté’s aromatic blends, this porcelain set will instantly elevate an otherwise dreary afternoon. And the six cups and saucers ensures everyone you care about can join in.

Gifts for people you like

Echo Dot

Lazy, but thoughtful. Amazon

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Amazon’s Echo Dot home assistant—let’s call her “little Alexa”—is a dream come true for every lazy but fundamentally generous shopper. For just three crisp Alexander Hamiltons, you can give the gift of song, kitchen timers, mini Jeopardy! quizzes, and self-surveillance all rolled into one. Why not order 10 and call your holiday shopping quits?




Stance socks, from NBA player Dwayne Wade, are high-quality and customizable. There are sleek basics, multiple styles for every basketball team, and some loud and outlandish styles you can afford to try because, after all, they’ll mostly be covered by shoes. This year, try the women’s “prehistoric” leaf pattern; mauve men’s “buzzed” socks with neon orange beetles; and dino socks for kids.

Gifts for people you tolerate

Argus Le humidifier

Spa-like home humidifier. Amazon

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Everyone wants a spa day, but not everyone deserves one on your dime. This home humidifier promises to open pores and remove blackheads with its 4-in-1 steaming system. Best of all, it costs only a fraction of a certificate to the sweat lodges.

Cute coasters

They look like floppy discs. Amazon

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There’s a coaster for everyone. Some look like computer discs, others like flamingos. SunnyLIFE’s reversible coasters give you two looks in one.

que Bottle

Save space as you drink. Amazon

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Everyone—even your worst enemy—deserves their daily minimum recommended intake of water. This thermos will help them get there. Made of silicone, it collapses and expands according to your needs. Throw it in a bag on the go, and roll it out for all-day hydration.

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