Gifts for new parents
Gifts for new parents. Dakota Corbin via Unsplash

It’s cliche because it’s true: new parents never sleep. Unfortunately, shuteye isn’t something you can wrap up and hand to an adult in charge of a tiny human (though we do have some gift ideas to enhance their sleep for those rare occasions). But there are still plenty of ways to make the new chapter of their lives easier—and more fun.

A portable high-chair for any table

Chicco-Caddy Amazon

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Most restaurants have high chairs, but the houses of friends and family may not be so accommodating. This hook-on chair works on most any tabletop, saving new parents from the agony of eating with a child in their laps. $40.

Silicon suction plate

SiliKong Amazon

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Most kids throw food on the floor. Efficient, enterprising kids throw the whole plate. Make them work harder for their messes with this compartmentalized plate that sticks to most surfaces. $15.


A restaurant gift card and free babysitting

A night out is a great gift.

New parents can use plenty of help around the house, but they could also use a break and some one-on-one time (with each other—or a plate of pasta). A simple gift card may not seem thoughtful, but they’ll forgive you—especially if you pair it with a promise to babysit. $25 and up.

A house cleaning (or any other household service)

Take care of some of the work. Amazon

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Looking after a new baby is hard and time-consuming, and it’s inevitable that other household duties will fall by the wayside. If you aren’t able to give the new parents a helping hand yourself, consider booking them a visit from an Amazon-approved worker. They have reviewed contractors for almost any task imaginable, from simple cleanings to handyman services to iPhone repair.

A buttload of diapers

Huggies Amazon

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This is the equivalent of handing a new parent cash. And everyone loves cash. $37.


JJ Cole Amazon

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Say goodbye to blankets (which can bunch in awkward spots, slip off, and even get tangled in stroller wheels). Say hello to easy, cozy transfers between strollers and car seats. $40.

The best snotsucker on the market

FridayBaby Amazon

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A newborn doesn’t come out of the womb gracefully blowing its nose into a tidy tissue fold. You gotta go get those breath-restricting boogers. And the best snotsucker on the market is the NoseFrida. It’s hygienic, weirdly entertaining, and comfortable for the child, unlike most bulb-shaped booger busters. $16.

Car window roller sunshades

Yogo Baby Amazon

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These top-rated sunshades protect your baby’s delicate skin from the blazing sun. And unlike cling-on shades, they neatly roll up when not in use, eliminating the eyesore factor. Two for under $15.

Pee-Pee Teepee

Beba Bean Amazon

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Because no diaper change should come with a free fountain drink. $10.

HD baby video monitor with night vision and smart alerts

Eufy baby monitor Amazon

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Amazon’s choice in the crowded baby monitor space is this gem from Eufy, which displays 10 times more detail than ordinary 240p displays. It also boasts a wide-angle lens attachment, 330-degree coverage, a built-in thermostat, instant smart alerts, two-way audio, and nightvison. The FHSS connection means the product is connected right out of the box—no Wi-Fi setup necessary, and no burden on your home network. $126.

Top-of-the-line earplugs

Etymotic Research Amazon

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Because someone in the house should get some peace and quiet. When one parent is tending to a screaming baby in the middle of the night, it’s not always possible for their spouse to find a quiet spot to catch some Zs. These Etymotic plugs are designed to combat the noise at rock shows, so they have an outside shot at working on a cranky child. (Note: We would never condone wearing earplugs simply to neglect a loud baby.) $283.

A white noise sound machine

Soothing sounds Amazon

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This cute penguin plays 12 sounds, including white noise, in utero sounds, singing birds, ocean waves, and six gentle lullabies. An auto-off timer (set in 30-minute intervals) conditions their baby to sleep without the noise—and makes it so mom and dad don’t have to tip-toe back in to turn it off. $30.

Door silencers

ICObuty Amazon

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Mom finally got the baby to sleep after hours of rocking, nursing, singing, and cooing. She gently places her little bundle of joy down in the crib, sleepily tip-toes out of the room, closes the door behind her, and—CLICK—”Wahhhhhhhhhhh!” For under $10, you can help your favorite new parent avoid such a scenario.

Breastfeeding cover

Jomolly Amazon

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Look for one with generous size (for maximum privacy) and an open neckline (for maximum bonding), that’s also machine washable. This one from Jomolly checks those boxes, plus it has three pockets and comes with two burp cloths and a storage bag. $16.


Personalized coat of arms birth announcement

Announce in style.

Showcase the newborn’s stats with this personalized birth announcement, drawn in the style of a nursery-appropriate coat of arms. $120.

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