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April showers bring May flowers but also severe weather and fallen trees that can take out power lines. Thankfully, you can get a generator lickety-split on Amazon—and this inverter generator from Westinghouse is 30% off. That means its price drops down from $1,049 to $765, and you stay up and running even if the power drops out.

Westinghouse 4500 Peak Watt Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator $765 (Was $1,049)



We love the Westinghouse iGen4500DF—our best portable dual-fuel generator (and it’s on sale)! So when it comes to recommendations for the best inverter generator, we feel comfortable supporting the same brand and suggesting the Westinghouse 4500 Peak Watt Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator. It’s portable and super quiet—just like its name suggests—and a push-button remote start makes start-up a breeze. You can even start and stop the generator from up to 260 feet away. An LED data center lets you see run time, fuel level, and power output without feeling like you’re deciphering runes.

EPA- and CARB-compliance gives you peace of mind that it’s better for the environment despite running on gas. If you need more power, fear not: this generator is parallel capable, meaning you can use an existing Westinghouse inverter generator and a parallel cord to bring even more juice to your home.

You should always follow generator safety tips, but there’s a version with a CO sensor in case you want all your safety bases covered. You can also ditch gas and propane all together and stick with a solar generator. The Bluetti AC200 Max—our favorite solar generator for off-grid living—is on sale for $1,959, down from its $2,099 OG price, and there’s a $100 coupon you can click to bring this sale price down to $1,859.

The best time to buy a generator is well before you need it. That’s especially true if you can get a great deal on one.

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