Get a wellness test for your dog with this $120 kit

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From adoption centers to the heart of homes, dogs bring joy and companionship to people around the world. Over 48 million American households own at least one dog and recent years have shown a boom in pet ownership that indicates no signs of slowing down. 

Dog owners want the absolute best care available for their pets and Checkpup can give them some peace of mind between visits to the vet. Get comprehensive and affordable health information about your dog for only $119.99 (reg. $149), the best price on the web.

Easy, pain-free testing

Get started by collecting a small hair sample from your dog and sending it to Checkpup with the included prepaid envelope. They run 20 tests on various essential areas of your dog’s nutritional and functional health and provide you with results in as little as three weeks. The manufacturer states that you can expect checks on overall wellness, toxic metals, diet, metabolism, systems, and more that showcase the past three months of your dog’s health.

Results from Checkpup may allow you to be proactive with certain harmful trends before they turn into bigger issues. For instance, you could learn that your dog is deficient in certain nutrients and share this information with their veterinarian to find ways to make sure your dog is getting the nutrition they need. Checkpup recommends retesting every three to four months to track trends and changes over time.

Supplemental to regular vet care

Checkpup can provide reassurance about your pet’s health between regular vet visits. Test results can flag issues you want to discuss at an appointment and provide your vet with additional information about your dog’s health so they assist you in giving your dog the best possible care.

Learn more about your dog’s health with a Dog Wellness Test Kit from Checkpup for just $119.99 (reg. $149).

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