You need one of these car jump starters on-sale for Cyber Monday

These devices revive a dead battery, charge your devices, offer a built-in flashlight, and sometimes even inflate your tires.
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Stan Horaczek

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This Cyber Monday deal hits pretty close to my heart. My car’s battery decided to give up the ghost at a very inconvenient time and location just last week. It was cold. I was late. Cellphone service was bad. Luckily, I had the jump starter I bought last Black Friday with me, and it got me going so I could get home. Right now, Amazon has several jump starters on sale for Cyber Monday and, while it may not be as exciting as a new pair of AirPods or a heated coffee mug, you’ll certainly be glad to have one when you need it.

NOCO Boost Plus GB40 1000A UltraSafe Car Battery Jump Starter $79 (was $125)

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This 12V pack retails for $125 and regularly sells for just over $100, so you’re saving yourself at least $20 here. It has enough oomph inside to jump-start a 6.0L gasoline engine or a 3.0L diesel. In addition to its car resurrection skills, it’s also a portable battery pack that can charge devices like your phone. A built-in flashlight has several modes, including one that flashes SOS in Morse code in case you’re really in a jam. The whole thing is IP65 rated so you can use it in the bad weather when you really need it. After last week’s little misadventure with my battery, I’m grabbing one for my wife and daughter as well.

Portable Car Jump Starter with Air Compressor, YaberAuto 150PSI 3000A Car Battery Jump Starter (9.0 Gas/8.0L Diesel) $79 (was $219)

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This powerful bank adds another useful element into the equation: a 150psi compressor. That means, in addition to starting almost any engine and providing illumination from its built-in flashlight, it can fill tires, basketballs, and whatever else needs a boost of air when you’re on the road.

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