The Brava oven is up to $300 off on Amazon for early Black Friday

This smart oven is a premium kitchen tool that actually lived up to the hype.
Brava Smart Oven
Brava's Smart Oven is the ultimate countertop appliance for busy people who value home cooking. Brava

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The Brava oven is one of those rare multi-use kitchen tools that live up to the promise of technology making cooking easier rather than just unnecessarily complex. The promise of Brava’s smart oven is simple: By using one of its 10 cooking settings, you should be able to cook anything that would typically require a stovetop, oven, air fryer, slow cooker, or dehydrator. It can save you counter/cabinet space, time, and, if you act now, money. The premium gadget typically costs $1,295, but it’s $100 off as part of Brava’s early Black Friday sale. You can save up to $300 if you get the chef’s choice set, which includes additional accessories such as a loaf pan, muffin tins, chef’s pan.

Brava Smart Oven

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The oven is linked to an app, which allows you to control the oven’s functions, or search through its surprisingly robust digital recipe catalogue. The catalogue is updated with new recipes on a regular basis and you can search for ones that fit your current diet, or feature an ingredient you have sitting in your fridge or pantry. You can also access recipes or change the oven’s settings by using its touchscreen. It can be easy to write Brava’s smart oven off as an expensive, gimmicky appliance, but our experience proved otherwise.

We used the oven to make everything from fried eggs to s’mores with positive results every time thanks to the oven’s instructions and intuitive controls. The only part of using Brava’s oven that requires some extra attention is making sure you position your food properly on its tray. The oven has a multi-zone cooking system, so putting your meat toward the front instead of the back can cause it to be undercooked. Once you get the hang of it, though, this shouldn’t be an issue. One of the biggest benefits we found when using the Brava oven over traditional cooking methods was saving time. The s’mores recipe we used took three minutes to make. If you want to cook more homemade meals, but find yourself ordering takeout after just the thought of how long it’d take to preheat your oven, Brava leaves you with no excuse.

The Brava oven helps answer two of the most common questions home cooks face: What should I cook? How long will it take to make it? Taking advantage of Brava’s early Black Friday deal will save you up to $300 upfront, but if you begin cooking at home rather than going out, the oven could pay for itself in a few months.

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