New LG Chocolate Goes Super-Wide — Just Not in U.S.

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The best chocolate comes from Europe. Go on, try and argue with me. Now, look at the new non-U.S. Black Label Series LG Chocolate BL40 and try and argue with me again. Can’t do it, can you? Thought so. Shielded in tempered glass, the premium phone has a 4-inch, 800-by-345-pixel LCD widescreen. Its 21:9 aspect ratio is wide enough to display full 70mm movies across the entire screen. Yum.

In landscape mode, the phone has enough screen real estate to view web pages at full width, have a comfy on-screen QWERTY keyboard, and one slick user interface for browsing the net, media, contacts, and writing e-mail. The screen is also roomy enough to display two panes at once without toggling back and forth between windows; think of it like the preview pane in Microsoft Outlook or Entourage.

The BL40 will go on sale in the third quarter of 2009 in 54 countries (other than the U.S., of course). There’s been no official word as to whether it’ll make an appearance stateside, but in the meantime, you can enjoy this sweet demo video.