This February, drive up into the mountains with the help of Thule’s 12-second-install tire chains, then rocket back down on a carbon-fiber sled. When you get home, warm up and jam out at the same time under Kohler’s speaker-equipped showerhead. After that, relax with one of our e-gadget picks of the month.

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New Potato Technologies Classic Match Foosball

When full-size foosball is hard to find, players can snap an iPad into the Classic Match Foosball table and boot up a game. Each of the eight rods has an optical sensor that relays direction and spin info through the iPad’s connector.** New Potato Technologies Classic Match Foosball** $100

ThinkGeek minibru

The minibru is a coffeepot and mug in one. A user adds coarse ground coffee and hot water to the 12-ounce French press and then inserts a filter that pushes particles to the bottom. The filter, which doesn’t have the usual plunger, doubles as the mug’s lining. ThinkGeek minibru $25

Miele S8 Alize

The Alize is the most efficient and quietest vacuum of its size. A sensor in the head detects the type of surface, so the 12-pound vacuum can tailor suction strength to texture. Rubber shock absorbers on the wheels’ axles and a cloth-insulated motor reduce noise.** Miele S8 Alize** $770

Thule Easy Fit Snow Chains

It takes only 12 seconds per tire to install Easy Fit Snow Chains. Rather than driving onto a precisely aligned chain system, a user slips a set over a tire and then depresses a pedal on a central aluminum bar to tighten the chains all together.** Thule Easy Fit Snow Chains** $450

IDAPT S2+ Docking Universal Speaker

The IDAPT S2 is the first speaker that can play music and charge any three devices at once. Two charging docks with interchangeable connectors power virtually any smartphone or MP3 player, while music streams to the speaker via Bluetooth. There’s also a USB cord for larger devices.** IDAPT S2+ Docking Universal Speaker** $350 (available spring)

Snolo Sleds Stealth-X

The Snolo is a sled for adults. A rider steers the nine-pound carbon-fiber sled using foot pegs attached to a central ski. He can lean onto its side rails to take tight corners while traveling at 40 mph.** Snolo Sleds Stealth-X** $3,000

Belkin NetCam

With the NetCam, a user can watch what’s happening in his living room, anytime, anywhere. In low light, the Wi-Fi camera activates infrared night vision and can stream video or photos triggered by motion to any iOS or Android device.** Belkin NetCam** $130

Kohler Moxie

Singing in the shower is easier with the Moxie showerhead and speaker. Held in place with a magnet, the detachable speaker sits in the middle of the 60-nozzled head. A user can sync it to any Bluetooth-enabled device up to 32 feet away.** Kohler Moxie** $200

Expect Labs MindMeld

The iPad MindMeld app anticipates what information a video chatter would like to have on hand. The app listens to the conversation, analyzes the language, and automatically pulls up relevant information from the Web, including videos, maps, and weather.** Expect Labs MindMeld** $1

DarbeeVision Darblet

With the Darblet image-processing box, a user can upgrade his picture quality without buying a new TV. The three-ounce device plugs into a TV’s HDMI source and its display; Darbee-developed algorithms then enhance a streaming image so it looks sharper even without more pixels.** DarbeeVision Darblet** $350

Light and Motion Taz 1200

Drivers won’t miss a cyclist with a Taz bike light. At its highest setting—1,200 lumens—it’s brighter than some car headlights. The 7.6-ounce lamp has three LED bulbs and attaches to the handlebars with rubber straps.** Light and Motion Taz 1200** $300

Alpinestars Atem Leather Jacket

The Atem is the safest motorcycle jacket available. The company subjected every component—including foam chest, shoulder, and elbow pads; Kevlar cuffs; and a 1.33-millimeter leather shell—to stress tests that more accurately mimic crashes.** Alpinestars Atem Leather Jacket** $700