A Clipse Video Shot With a Kinect Camera

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I love Clipse. I love the Kinect (and Kinect hacks). I can’t say I love Travis Barker, but two out of three is plenty to enjoy Clipse’s latest for “Come N Get It,” a video that calls on the monochrome color blocks and infrared grid of the Kinect’s motion-capture tech for visual style points.

Travis Barker Ft. The Clipse – Come and Get It from DanTheMan on Vimeo.

DanTheMan, the guy behind the video, used an actual Kinect camera to shoot it. In his accompanying notes, he thanks Daniel Shiffman for his Kinect library for Processing software–a link that feeds the Kinect’s camera and infrared data into Processing, a powerful computer graphics suite for programmer types. Shiffman is a Processing wizard, something I’ve seen first hand on his NYU class’s final exam, which takes place on a 120-foot screen.

Today’s news of an official Kinect SDK means we’ll be seeing many more creative uses of its unique sensory output.

[Vimeo via Nahright]