RFID Waves Visualized and Demystified Using a LED Wand


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Two Oslo-based design researchers have created a visual model of RFID fields in an effort to show curious designers how RFID looks and works, and help shed light on its functionality.

The project was carried out by Jack Schulze and Timo Arnall as a collaboration between BERG, a British design consulting firm, and Touch, a research project housed in the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, with the express purpose to study near-field communication and wireless proximity-based technologies.

The video was created using a custom-created LED wand that lights up whenever it is in the presence of an RFID field. The collected images of the wand glowing at various points, then created a composite animation with those pics, which turns out looking like the atomic orbital 3d.

With this video, the Touch Project hopes to educate designers about a technology they feel is generally misunderstood, and inspire them to use RFID in creative new ways. They even created a fancy new logo, which is based around the distinct look of the RFID electromagnetic field.

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