Gadgets that make pet owners’ lives easier

Tools that make it easier to track them, feed them, and clean up after them.

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Having a pet can often feel like having a small child — they depend on us and need constant attention. If you live a busy life (and who doesn’t?), you might find it a little difficult to give your dogs or cats everything they need. Luckily these gadgets allow you to live your active life and still provide for your pets in the best way.

Being away from your dog during the workday can be stressful, especially if your pup likes to make a run for it. With the Whistle Go Health & Location Tracker, you get a notification every time your pet leaves your designated safe zone. Whistle Go’s little box attaches to your dog’s collar and the connected app allows you to constantly monitor your pet’s whereabouts via live tracking. If you often get that gut-feeling that something is wrong with your pet at home, simply check in on them with the Whistle Go app. You can even monitor your dog’s behavior such as running, playing, and scratching.

Many kitties are impressive escape artists, but with the Loc8tor Tracking Cat Collar, you can know exactly where your feline friend ends up. The lightweight tag is perfect for small animals like cats and won’t weigh them down. You can easily attach the tag to any collar. When your indoor cat slips past you while your arms are full of groceries, simply turn the tracking on and the collar sends a beeping signal to your tracking device, so locating your furry friend is easy.

From the makers of the Diaper Genie comes this genius must-have for cat owners. Scooping the litter box is a necessary evil when you own a cat, but with the Litter Genie, you’re able to better control the smell. Simply scoop the waste into the container and the handle seals the smell inside the plastic lining. When the container is full, simply cut the bag, give it a tie and put into your trash. The bags have powerful odor-blocking technology and since the Litter Genie XL holds up to three weeks of litter box scoops, it’s perfect for a multi-cat home. Its slim, upright design also fits perfectly next to your cat’s litter box.