Pet subscription boxes you’ll both eagerly anticipate

For very good pets and their people.

dog in a box
Let the unboxing begin.Erda Estremera via Unsplash

We don’t always know what will strike our pet’s fancy, and become a well-loved essential they carry everywhere, including to bed. Pet parents can be just as susceptible to the allure of certain toys, treats, and accessories, and that’s a big part of the fun when you agree to give a forlorn foster their forever home. Subscription boxes offer a curated selection of options that might just turn into favorites, often at a better price than you’d find collecting items on your own. These four boxes include an exciting array of toys and treats for dogs, cats, and the humans who love them.

BarkBox Monthly Subscription Box
Arf-fully good.Amazon

If you love the idea of a team of in-house designers, “edibles experts,” and pet testers working to create themed boxes designed just for dogs, BarkBox is a great choice. Every month you and your pet will receive two treats, two toys, and one dental chew based on punny themes like “Australian OutBark.” Choose from three categories of boxes based on your dog’s size, and work with the BarkBox customer service team to customize toy selection and accommodate food allergies.

KitNipBox - Monthly Cat Subscription Box
For cats who demand devotion (all cats).Amazon

Let’s face it, cat subscription boxes are definitely a gamble. Our feline friends may actually be thrilled with the five items in this box—including toys or treats—but choose to look indifferent out of spite. KitNipBoxes offer options for multi-cat households (less than two individual subscriptions, though they will have to share) and a choice of dietary boxes which basically means toys and goodies without treats. Past KitNipBox themes included a “Catz’s Deli” box and career exploration, as if they would actually ever get a job. Hey, at least you know they’ll love the box itself.

The Dapper Dog Box - Curated Fun Themed Dog Toys
Win best-dressed at the park.Amazon

If your taste in pet toys and accoutrements is a little less trendy and a little more silly and sweet, the Dapper Dog Box has you (and your pooch) covered. In addition to curated toys and natural treats (no rawhide or animal bones here), each shipment contains a bandana that matches that month’s theme. Identify like-minded pet parents at the dog park when your poodles both sport avocado and chili patterned neckerchiefs. While we think voracious chewers can still be dapper, this box is designed for three different sizes of pups who treat their toys with a bit more gentleness.

CatLadyBox - Subscription Box for Cat Ladies and Cats
Fur the both of you.Amazon

This delightfully niche box is on brand for people who have fun embracing “cat lady” stereotypes. While there are toys for your cat included, this option abandons the idea that a subscription box is strictly for your pet and delivers a bounty of cat-themed accessories for pet parents from housewares to clothing. The sizing on t-shirts is unisex (you choose your clothing size when you subscribe) but be aware that items that say “cat mom” or “cat lady” may not be the best fit for every person.