The best dog coats of 2024

Keep your furry friend warm and happy this winter with some of the best dog coats available.

Best waterproof

Derby Originals Horse Tough 600D Ripstop Dog Coat

Derby Originals Horse Tough 600D Ripstop Dog Coat

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Best for large breeds

Carhartt Chore Coat Dog Vest

Carhartt Chore Coat Dog Vest

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Best budget

Gooby Dog Fleece Vest

Gooby Dog Fleece Vest

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When searching for a dog coat for keeping your pet warm in cold weather, it’s important to pick a design that complements your pooch’s body shape and fur type without impeding their comfort, safety, or freedom of movement. Just as with winter coats and rain jackets for humans, there are many styles, shapes, and designs of dog clothing. Choosing the right one can make a big impact upon your pet’s well-being and overall health the next time they accompany you around the block or on a hike. If you’re looking to equip your four-legged friend for the cold weather, selecting the one of the best dog coats is a great place to start.

The best dog coats: Reviews & Recommendations

Adding a dedicated water-wicking exterior layer or some extra fleece insulation to your dog’s body for your next extended jaunt in the rain or snow is essential to keeping them warm, dry, and happy. The best dog coats harness these familiar clothing design elements and pair them with convenient features like removable hoods, button or zipper attachments, and elastic bands made especially for helping your furry companion get the most out of your outdoor time together.

Best style: Kuoser British-Style Dog Vest

Stylish and Reversible

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This vest from Kuoser is a versatile piece of dog clothing thanks to its reversible design that features a water-resistant surface on one side and a soft, plaid cotton design on the other. Its warmth is derived from its thick polyester filling, and it stays secure on your dog thanks to an elastic chest design and an easy hook-and-loop fastening system. If you’re looking for dog clothes that will hold up in a variety of situations, this is a good product to consider. And after your walk, you and your pooch can play with some of the best dog toys.

Best full-body: DogHelios Thunder-Crackle Reflective Dog Jacket

Heavy Duty

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Protect even the smallest pooch from the elements with this plush dog coat lined with a proprietary fabric design that’s durable, lightweight, and virtually impermeable to wind and water. The thick anti-static fleece interior and reflective lining on the exterior combine to create a robust coat that will meet your pet’s safety and health needs in a variety of harsh weather conditions. It’s fastened tight using a top zip, protective hook-and-loop enclosures, and drawstrings on each leg.

Best waterproof: Derby Originals Horse Tough 600D Ripstop Dog Coat

Durable Nylon

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This waterproof dog coat from Derby Originals is crafted with a tough nylon exterior and interior, filled with 150 grams of polyfill, and fit with shoulder gussets to sit low on the neck and preserve your pet’s natural range of motion. It’s available in no less than seven different sizes and colors, making it a versatile and realistic option for every dog owner. Its medium weight and breathable material make it an ideal choice for use within a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. When you’re home, treat your dog to some of the best dog food.

Best for large breeds: Carhartt Chore Coat Dog Vest

Built for Discerning Working Dogs

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The durability and style of Carhartt’s popular work clothing is now accessible to large dogs of every kind thanks to this tough corduroy-trimmed dog coat. It features two riveted pockets, a classic Carhartt label, and a quilted nylon interior for comfort and warmth. A convenient hook-and-loop closure system of tabs ensures for easy wear, and the whole coat is machine-washable for easy cleanup after outings. When you don’t have time for a walk, keep your pet safe in the yard with one of the best invisible dog fences.

Best reflective: Kurgo North Country Coat

LED Light

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This reflective dog coat from Kurgo comes in five different sizes and features a waterproof and windproof fabric on the outside bound to a soft fleece lining. High-reflectivity piping lines the exterior of the vest, complemented by an LED light strip for full 360-degree visibility in even the darkest environments. This vest offers easy-buckle fastening and a zipper compartment to allow use of a harness for extra security.

Best budget: Gooby Dog Fleece Vest

Simple Comforts

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This dog fleece vest from Gooby features a simple design that emphasizes ease of use and easy cleaning. It’s available in over a dozen colors and features a simple slip-on pullover design that eliminates the need for hook-and-loop or buckle fastening. A convenient O-ring on the top of the vest allows for attachment of a leash for gentler dogs that don’t tug. For dogs up to 30 pounds who are engaged in light outdoor activities, this is a great option for the price.

Things to consider when shopping for dog coats

The best dog coats for keeping your pet warm in cold weather should fit properly and feature a durable construction that’s appropriate for lasting through endless rounds of fetch. Much like winter coats for people, dog jackets are available in windproof and waterproof varieties as well as basic fleece and work-clothes styles. From pullover to full-body protection, we’ll take you through some of the basic considerations to look at when seeking out the best dog apparel.

Proper sizing and material

The best dog coats—much like any crucial piece of protective gear or clothing—are not one-size-fits-all, which makes proper sizing and flexibility a key issue when choosing a model. The best dog coats according to reviews tend to be models that include numerous sizes and colors to offer comfort and protection to a wide variety of dog breeds. Some of the key features of these flexible options include a warm lining and a reversible form factor to offer the option of water resistance when needed. An easy-to-wear closure system is key to ensuring that you can put on and remove your dog apparel quickly and without struggle. It’s equally important to choose a model that won’t limit usage of collars or harnesses.

Size of your dog

It’s no secret that dogs smaller in stature or with less body mass are more prone to getting cold quickly. Protecting your little dog in the winter will require a bit of extra fabric and forethought, especially in snowy environments, below-freezing climates, or on windy days. The best dog coats for smaller dogs will offer exposure protection that extends beyond their body’s core to include the legs, ensuring more thorough insulation and less loss of body heat. These systems typically use elastic closures around the ankle areas to keep wind and moisture out of your dog’s coat without impeding their dexterity.

Some of the best full-body dog coats also feature thick, multi-layered interior constructions with dense linings designed specifically to trap your dog’s natural body heat and store it within the coat, which is key to keeping the cold at bay. Because the goal of any good dog coat should be warmth and protection, you’ll need to go above and beyond for your little dog when the situation requires, shielding their small bodies from wind, water, and anything else that the elements might throw at them.

Even big dogs need extra protection from the cold during winter walks and outings. Short- to medium-haired large dogs can benefit from dog apparel dedicated to their specific body shapes and sizes, but shoppers will have to pay some extra attention to the durability of the dog coat in question if they want to enjoy ease of use and product longevity. The best coats for larger dogs are built from thick materials that will insulate your pet’s body while enduring a variety of potential spills and activities. Seam reinforcement and extra stitching should be among the top design considerations when choosing a dog jacket for your large canine companion, and the inclusion of these elements shouldn’t impede your pet’s range of motion.

Larger dogs have a tendency to be more rough-and-tumble and get into messier situations, which is why it’s essential to pair a big dog with a cold-weather coat that’s easy to clean and guaranteed to endure through the natural rigors of outdoor activities. A machine-washable dog coat will protect your big dog from dirt, grime, and moisture while still being easy to clean and reset for the next adventure.

Activity level

Moisture and cold weather combine to create ice, which is a lovely prospect for winter recreation, but a potential catastrophe for your pet’s body. While dogs are equipped with some measure of natural protection from the cold thanks to their fur coats, moisture can spell a different problem altogether when it clings to that fur. Equip your pet with a waterproof dog coat that can wick away moisture and keep it clear away from their bodies.

When choosing the best dog coats for waterproof protection, look for a model that includes water-wicking and water-repellent exterior fabrics. This will ensure that your dog stays warm and dry as they tromp around and play in the snow, rain, and anywhere else you might take them.


Choosing a dog coat with a reflective surface is essential to enhancing your dog’s safety and heightening your visibility in dim environments. The best dog coats for hiking in the woods or venturing outdoors at night will ideally include a reflective strip or another shiny surface so you can keep an eye on your beloved pet without worrying about losing them as you enjoy your adventure. The benefits of reflective dog clothes extend beyond simple nighttime use, too, as they add extra peace of mind in any situation where visibility may be at a minimum, including outdoor activities in fog, rain, and snow.

Not only do reflective dog clothes help you keep track of your pet, but they also come in handy for helping others see your pet too. In the event that you and your dog are separated in the dark, a reflective dog coat can make all the difference for allowing drivers and other pedestrians to spot your pet, minimizing the chances of an accident.


You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg if you’re looking for a simple, functional dog coat this winter. The best dog coats on the market often feature a wide range of fasteners and fabrics to increase their usability and allow them to excel in a wide range of environments, but if you’re looking to spend a little less, it’s easy to find a cheap dog coat that will still get the job done. Fleece dog clothes with limited options for waterproofing are readily available in multiple sizes and colors for shoppers on a budget, and are ideal for buying in bulk for a group of dogs or for use as backup dog coats in case of emergency.

A budget-friendly dog coat might be perfect for simple strolls around the block or daily walks in mild winter weather, especially if your pet doesn’t use special harnesses or collar systems, or if your dog is gentler on fabric and less likely to tug and tear on the coat. If you’re planning on taking your dog out in snow, rain, or freezing temperatures, you’ll likely have to spend a little more to make sure they stay healthy and comfortable, but for low-impact and short-duration outdoor activities, a less expensive dog coat should be more than suitable.


Q: At what temperature should your dog wear a coat?

The Pedigree Foundation recommends that dog owners put their furry friends in a coat when the temperature dips below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Some dog breeds are more tolerant of cold weather than others, but by following the 45-degree rule and keeping an eye on your pet in temperatures around freezing, you’ll be better equipped to make the right decisions for their health.

Q: What are the best dog coat brands?

Kuoser and DogHelios, two of the brands featured here, are among the best dog coat brands according to reviews. They offer a variety of products that allow dog owners to protect their pets in a wide range of weather conditions and outdoor activities, which makes them a great choice overall if you’re looking for versatility.

Q: How do you measure a dog for a winter coat?

When measuring your dog for a winter coat, there are two key areas to focus on. The first is the body length, which runs from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. The second is chest width, which runs along the widest part behind the dog’s front legs and around the back. It’s recommended to add two inches to these measurements to ensure that your dog fits comfortably in their coat while retaining mobility.

A final word on shopping for the best dog coats

The best dog coats for keeping your pet safe and snug this winter will feature fabrics and linings that are appropriate for the weather conditions in your local area. Below freezing or wet environments will require the most heavy-duty constructions, as will larger dogs that require reinforced fabrics to prevent tearing. Regardless of the size of your dog, it’s crucial to select dog clothes that fit properly and allow them to enjoy freedom of movement while remaining protected from the elements. It’s essential for dogs to have access to outdoor spaces and recreation even in the cold of winter, and by keeping them warm, you’ll ensure their extended happiness and health.

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