It’s largely true that cats are self-cleaning, like self-cleaning ovens but without the smell of burning teflon. Cats do not want or need baths with few exceptions (like hairless Sphynx cats, or cats with health issues). However, there are some things you can do to lend a paw to their cleaning habits. These four grooming aids will help ensure shiny coats and short claws so you can (mostly) peacefully coexist.

You’re the momma cat now. Amazon

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These inexpensive and ingenious gloves are a great way to bond with your cat. Slip them over your hands, adjust the fit around your wrists with the velcro tab, and pet your furry pal. The 259 silicone nubs on the palms of the glove gently lift hair from your pet’s body as you stroke them, and are much gentler than hard bristles. If your cat is afraid of brushes, this might just do the trick.

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Many cats do not need their claws trimmed. After all, before cat scratching posts were invented there were trees, and now that cat scratching posts exist there are couches. However, if your vet suggests you trim your cat’s claws regularly, you’ll want a pair of clippers that is meant for animals. This efficient design combines small stainless steel blades with a big handle you can grip like a pair of scissors. If this is the first time you’re trimming your cat’s claws, watch a tutorial or two to make sure you don’t cut into sensitive parts of the nail.

Bezoar no more. Amazon

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The Furminator can’t guarantee your cat won’t make hairballs (a kind of bezoar), but it can help remove fur so there’s less for your cat to ingest and then throw up on the freshly vacuumed carpet. Its powerful teeth are designed to target the loose hair your cat is shedding in its undercoat, while protecting their topcoat. A curved skin guard keeps the brush from your pet’s sensitive skin. Press the eject button at the base of the brush to easily remove the fur you’ve collected and hide it from your weird beast before they can gobble it back up. Choose from different sizes and models for short and long-haired cats for best results.

For when they think outside the box. Amazon

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Have you ever given your cat a pet only to have them look at you and then lick that spot as if to remove any trace of human? That’s why you have to be sure that any cleaners you use on them are safe to be ingested in low doses. These hypoallergenic wipes are biodegradable, scent free, and designed just for pets. If your cat has long fur and can’t always clean their pants after using the box, rolls in garbage, or just smells like they rolled in garbage, these wipes can fix them up without going anywhere near a tub.