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Updated Jan 24, 2023 8:40 AM

Dog collars are an essential accessory for any puppy parent. It might seem like a simple purchase, but it’s important that you choose one that fits you and your dog’s lifestyle. After all, your dog has to spend all day in his collar, and you want him feeling comfortable and relaxed. This dog product also need to withstand everyday wear and tear, especially if your pup gets a little rambunctious at the dog park. The best dog collars keep our beloved pets safe and their ID tags secure in case of emergency.

Every dog is unique, and the dog products you buy should cater to their specific routine. Whether you just brought home your new best friend or you’re looking to update your doggie wardrobe, we’ll help you find the best dog collar for your furry friend.

The best dog collars: Reviews & Recommendations

Best for large dogs: EzyDog Neo Classic Wide Dog Collar



This wide dog collar from EzyDog is a durable accessory that keeps your king-size companion under control. This collar measures 1.75 inches wide and is made with soft polyester and Neoprene rubber, which is waterproof and odor-repellent. The EzyDog comes equipped with a non-rusting stainless-steel D-ring, a separate clip to keep those precious ID tags securely attached, and reflective piping for safety at night. EzyDog offers four options for neck sizing that range from 18 to 32 inches wide.

Best for small dogs: Ruffwear Reflective Dog Collar



This classic collar from Ruffwear is a must-have for small- and medium-sized dogs. This collar is made with Ruffwear-designed Tubelok Webbing, which has a locked edge that keeps the webbing from unravelling. It features an easy-to-use side-release buckle, a separate ID tag with a tag silencer, and a sturdy aluminum leash ring. Ruffwear also offers 12 gorgeous nature-inspired patterns, including a bright magenta design, Alpenglow Burst.

Best tactical: Yunlep Adjustable Tactical Dog Collar



The adjustable tactical dog collar from Yunlep is a hardy addition to your outdoor dog’s gear. Featuring high-quality nylon and a heavy-duty metal buckle, the Yuplen tactical collar is built for any weather condition or wilderness excursion. This collar comes with a D-ring for leash attachments and a handle for safe and accessible restraint. The tactical collar also includes patches for velcro accessories.

Best leather: Soft Touch Collars Padded Leather Dog Collar



The Soft Touch leather collar is a chic and hand stitched doggie accessory. This luxurious collar is made from genuine full-grain leather and lined with padded sheepskin leather. Designed with longevity and convenience in mind, the collar features a solid brass D-ring and buckle opposite a mini brass ring for ID tags. This product comes in four sizes, with wider bands to accommodate larger dogs. The best part? Soft Touch offers five color combinations, including an adorable tan leather with a pastel blue lining.

Best budget: Coastal Pet Products New Earth Soy Adjustable Collar



This eco-friendly and custom dog collar is an inexpensive option for dogs of all sizes. This sustainable pet product is made from soft soy fibers that repel bacteria and won’t irritate your dog’s neck. The collar features an adjustable band, a loop for tags and leash clips, and a quick release buckle. 

Features to consider when shopping for the best dog collars

We know you don’t want to grab the first collar you see. We also know that the perfect design will depend on your dog’s size, temperament, and daily activities. The key features to keep in mind when shopping for your new collar are durability and material. It’s important to select a hypoallergenic collar material that won’t irritate your puppy after a long day of outdoor expeditions. Both nylon and leather are popular choices, but If your dog has a proclivity for puddles, you will probably want to opt for the more water-friendly nylon. If you go on a lot of midnight jogs with your dog, the best dog collars for you will feature reflective elements that keep your pet visible at night.

A lot of dog owners prefer to use a harness while out and about. If you prefer to walk with just a collar and dog leash, you will want to make sure that the collar you select is sturdy and prevents unwanted getaways. Collars with plastic fasteners are fine when paired with a harness, but if you’re working with a leash and collar combo, a metal fastener can be a more secure choice.

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What dog collars work for large breeds?

Is your dog on the larger side? Bigger breeds need a collar designed to handle their size and strength. The best large dog collars are heavy-duty and resilient, but don’t weigh your pup down. Designed with maximum comfort in mind, many large collars have a wider band than a standard design. Thin collars, although appropriate for the little guys, can dig into a larger breed’s neck. Wide dog collars are a gentler alternative that distribute pressure more evenly around a dog’s throat—especially if they have a penchant for pulling. Ample fabric also protects this sensitive part of your dog from accidental nips at the dog park.

What about small dogs?

There are a host of options for small- and medium-sized dogs. The best small dog collars are made of soft, flexible material that can stand the test of time. Smaller dogs don’t usually require a wide collar—the extra width can be too bulky on tinier frames. The best small dog designs are lightweight and equipped with an adjustable strap for that perfect fit. Ideally, your dog should not even notice it’s there. Check out our selection for the best small collar below.

Do I need a tactical dog collar?

Does your dog join you on every weekend hike? Does he also enjoy romping through every creek, snowbank, and mud puddle he encounters? You might consider a tactical dog collar, which is built to resist more extreme wear and tear. Tactical collars are designed with military and working dogs in mind, and often come with handles to reign in energetic breeds. If you’re looking for a product that can handle your adventurous canine, a tactical collar might be the perfect fit. Tactical models are also well-suited for dogs with a chewing habit. Check out our pick for free-spirited pups below.

What about leather collars for the elegant hound in your life?

Does your dog have a dapper streak? Leather dog collars are a stylish choice, and if taken care of properly can last for years. If you’re shopping for a leather collar, you will want to keep in mind the difference in buckle styles. Many leather collars come with a traditional buckle that has notches like a belt. This is the most secure style of buckle, but it does not unfasten in a pinch like the standard quick release buckles do. Leather collars with traditional buckles are best suited for pets who wear their collars throughout the day.

Best on a budget: What you can get for under $15

We know you want the best for your dog, but hunting down everything your pet requires can get pretty expensive. Luckily, collars will be one of the cheaper pet products you shop for. If you’re shopping for a collar that’s simple and affordable, you should focus on finding a design with comfortable fabric and sturdy design. The best dog collars on a budget might not be made from premium leather, but we guarantee your pup will love you just the same. Here’s our favorite affordable model.


Q: Should dogs wear collars 24/7?

Wearing a dog collar 24/7 can cause problems down the road, and it is a good idea to remove your dog’s collar frequently and let them go “naked” to reduce the chance of skin irritation. However, your pup should always wear a collar outside of the house, even if it is your own backyard. Some owners choose to let their dogs roam the house collar-free, while others might take the it off at bedtime.  

Q: What is the most comfortable material for a dog collar?

Most dog collars are made from nylon or leather, which are both comfortable materials. However, if your pup is super-sensitive to fabrics, they will likely prefer a soft nylon collar over a firmer leather design.

Q: What color looks best on a brown dog?

Even if your dog can’t see all the colors, you want them to look their best. It is always stylish to choose a collar that contrasts with your dog’s coat. For brown dogs, especially those with darker coats, bright blues and pinks look fantastic.

Final thoughts on the best dog collars

You love your dog, and they should love their collar. There’s a perfect collar for every pup, whether they’re braving the wilderness in tactical gear or sauntering down the sidewalk in sophisticated leather. Above all else, the best dog collars should keep your most important family member safe, secure, and happy.