A good pair of work gloves are useful all year round—when you’re shoveling your car out of the driveway, when you’re building a playground in your backyard, and when you’re moving piles of yard refuse from one corner of the lawn to the other. Investing in the right gloves will make winter way less of a hassle and cold weather less debilitating. This is especially true if you’re someone who works in construction or engages in outdoor winter sports. But which gloves can you trust with the task of protecting those precious paws? We’ve created a list of some of our favorites to get you started in your search.

Two-in-one: Carhartt Pipeline Glove

Dries Quickly

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Carhartt is a reliable and stylish work-supply brand, and their pipeline glove is a well-rounded option for work in winter. Made primarily of stretchable polyester, it’s heavy-duty with a cinch-able wrist and chamude leather palm and fingers. It comes with a simpler fleece glove that can be worn underneath for extra protection or on its own for less extreme circumstances.

Tough: Mechanix M-Pact Coyote Tactical Gloves

Did We Mention How Cool They Look?

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These rad desert-colored gloves are comfortable around the wrist, breathable, and weatherproof. They also have thermoplastic rubber on the knuckles and padding on the palms to absorb impact. While they are built for combat or hunting, they make great work gloves.

Kevlar thread palm: Cestus Temp Series HM Deep Winter Insulated Impact Glove

Oil, Water, And Chemical-Resistant

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Ideal for construction work, these colorful gloves are deeply insulated for all weather conditions and padded with thermoplastic rubber for withstanding impact. The Kevlar stitching on the palm provides a strong grip for lifting heavy objects and using tools. In winter, the adjustable long cuff will keep frigid air from sneaking in, allowing you to work longer without discomfort.

Budget option: KINGSBOM Waterproof Warm Gloves

Most Affordable

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These gloves have a more casual look to them than other work gloves, but they’re weather and waterproof with excellent insulation. Awesome for winter sports or motorcycle riding, they’ve got grippy silicone gel palms with reflective material on the outside for nighttime. You can also use them on touch screens, so you won’t have to take them on and off to text.