Like it or not, your desk is a reflection of your work and your personality. Luckily, organized isn’t a synonym for dull or sparse. Below, desk accessories that will keep you and your tools humming at maximum efficiency—including some of my personal favorites.

Cool desk accessories and home office ideas

5-port USB charger

A super-speedy wall charger Amazon

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Avoid tangled wires and desk clutter with this compact 5-port USB wall charger from charger favorite Anker. One USB port can charge devices up to 3 amps. The other four USB ports come with PowerIQ and VoltageBoost—fancy proprietary stuff that lets you charge any tablet or phone up to 8 amps (or 2.4 amps per port).

Animal paper clips

From birds to elephants Amazon

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Paper clips are boring. Multi-colored paper clips shaped like elephants, dogs, birds, and cats are not. These 40 clips come in a steel box. You’ll also always know which paper clips are yours.

Practical pad

A pocket notebook Amazon

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Don’t be the person that types on a laptop all throughout the meeting. Bring a pocket notebook. The 48-page Field Notes options are slim, durable, and come with either ruled, gridded, and plain pages.

A high-capacity external hard drive

4TB external hard drive Amazon

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This slick-as-heck 4TB, USB 3 hard drive by WD will cover your storage needs for a quite a while. As a plus, it comes in a lot colors to go with your, uh, desk-thetic.

This hard drive-desk clock

Now’s the time. Etsy

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It doesn’t matter that your computer has a clock, this one is made from old hard drives. These handmade clocks by ClockLight use a Quartz clock mechanism and run on a single AA battery.


Concrete desk organizer

Keep pens and miscellaneous desk accessories tidy

This 7 x 6 x 5-inch concrete desk organizer has a pen holder as well as slots to fit business cards and to stand your phone upright.

Soundcore Space NC wireless headphones

20 hours of battery life Amazon

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I picked Anker’s Soundcore Space NC wireless headphones as the budget pick for my best open-plan office headphones list. They have a balanced, wide sound, extra comfortable memory foam ear pads, and hold 20 hours of wireless battery life with noise-cancellation. They also feature tap and swipe controls on the right ear to adjust volume, pause the song, or switch tracks. The headphones come with a carrying case, but fold fairly flat.

A headphone holder

A place to let your headphones rest Amazon

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Every morning I walk into work and place my headphones down on a tray next to me. I love my headphones. I respect the enjoyment they provide. Treat your headphones as you would your own flesh and blood. Make them feel at home on this minimal headphone holder by AmoVee. Your headphones will make it up to you.

A coffee mug with personality

I call this one Java the Mug Think Geek

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Get a mug that fits your personality. I change my mug every couple of months based on what TV show I am watching. It’s a great way to spark some conversation. This ceramic Jabba the Hut mug has a removable head and holds 20 ounces of coffee, tea, oatmeal, whatever.

Aluminum laptop stand

Save yourself from neck strain. Amazon

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If your new job gives you a laptop, immediately buy or request one of these. Even just a few days hunched over a MacBook will seriously mess up your neck, shoulders, and back. This foldable, aluminum laptop stand comes as a single piece and raises your screen to a more comfortable viewing angle. It also helps keep your machine cool. This one works best with devices measuring 12 to 17-inches.

A desktop stand

Protect your neck and shoulders Amazon

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And if your job provides a desktop, you should probably buy or request one of these. I prefer a wooden riser for my computer. This one raises your computer 3.62 inches off the desk and is 19.88-inches long. This riser also gives you some storage space underneath.

Futuristic mug

Keep your coffee hot through meetings that go overtime Amazon

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Another permanent desk piece: the Ember ceramic mug. If you’ve got to run into a meeting and forget your coffee at your desk, you can be sure that it’ll be just as hot when you get back. The microprocessor-controlled heating system takes readings from four temperature sensors and makes sure that your brew stays at whatever temperature you designated within the smartphone app. The mug comes with a matching coaster that acts as a charger—the cup holds a charge for about an hour. It comes in black and white. It was literally my favorite product of 2017.

Engraved Pen

Put your name on it Etsy

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Who hasn’t had their pen stolen from them? Or worse, seen that pen find its way into someone else’s mouth. Get an engraved implement so nobody mistakes your supplies for their chew toys. These ballpoint pens come with a satin silver finish and can be engraved with up to 15 golden characters.

A decent water bottle

With easy to grip silicon Amazon

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If the sink or water fountain is just too far, keep some water on the desk. The 16oz bkr water bottle is a reliable glass bottle with a removable silicon coat that comes in a variety of colors.

An analog to-do list

You? Forgetful? Never Amazon

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Do you set reminders on your phone? I think I’m displaying incredible foresight when I do, but I often find myself forgetting the reminders exist—or what exactly my notes are referring to. Because your brain better remembers things you physically write down, it’s handy to have a place to jot down your daily tasks. You can try bullet journaling, but if that seems a bit too much of a commitment, there’s always fun to-do list pads, like this one.

Shiatsu back massager

Heated 3D massaging nodes to ease neck and shoulder pain Amazon

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This Zyllion shiatsu massager has “3D massaging nodes” that knead your aching neck and back. They change direction, heat up, and fit underneath most body parts. It also boasts straps on the back so you can hook it up to a chair while you’re sitting. There’s a 20-minute shut-off feature to make sure it doesn’t overheat. It also comes with a car adapter for relief while driving.

A lumbar support pillow

Support your lower back Amazon

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If you have a long history of lower-back pain, you know the sweet relief of a supported lumbar. If you sit for long periods of time, a lumbar support pillow is worth the investment. Especially when it’s nearly 80 percent off. The pillow straps to the back of your chair, making it easy to adjust to different heights so it doesn’t matter if your upper, middle or lower back is bothering you.

The LoveHome lumbar support pillow is made of memory foam and comes with a removable black, vented mesh cover that is machine washable. It weighs less than two pounds and comes with a handle, which makes it portable.

A washable USB keyboard

No more crying over spilled coffee Amazon

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Accidents happen. After a long day and many cups of coffee, our senses numb and our mind wanders. If you’ve ever in your life knocked a beverage all over your keyboard, you know the devastation (and embarrassment) that comes with requesting a new one from IT. If you’ve got Logitech’s durable, washable keyboard, though, you’re covered. Also: because it is washable, you don’t have to be totally grossed out by all the crumbs that have accumulated between the keys over the past six months. It’s dazzling how your outlook on work-life can change when you’ve got clean, high-functioning tools.

A wireless charging stand

Streamline your charging routine Plux

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The Plux wireless charging stand lets you charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods at the same time. The plate provides up to 10 watts of power and is propped up at an angle so you can use Apple’s Face ID function without having to tip your phone. There’s also overcharge protection. The only problem: it doesn’t come with an Apple Watch charging cable. You’ll have to pop off the back plate of the stand and insert your own watch charger.

A wireless charger

Keep your phone charged Amazon

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Rid your desk of unruly smartphone charger cables. This 7.5-watt Belkin Boost Up wireless charging pad comes with a 5-inch cord, and was designed for the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X. The wireless charge permeates most thin, lightweight cases.

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