One Man’s Hand-Built Supercar

An Italian gearhead constructs a sportster of his own design entirely by himself over four years

What’s in Northern Italy’s water that leads industrious people to spend great portions of their lives building race cars? Who knows. Maybe the FIA’s been pumping diolefin-rich racing fuel into Emilia-Romagna’s reservoirs, thereby insinuating Formula One into the local tortellini Bolognese.

Whatever it is, Modena’s favorite son, the late Enzo Ferrari, had nothing on 47-year-old Filandri Moreno. He’s the guy who hand-built this Uragano (Hurricane) supercar. It took him four years; Moreno outsourced almost none of the job, fabricating the body, frame, suspension, brakes and steering systems entirely by hand da solo. One part he didn’t build was the engine (you think he had all decade?). For that he turned to his neighbors across the Brenner Pass. Moreno incorporated a 4.2-liter V8 from a ten-year-old Audi A8 sedan into the Uragano’s central engine compartment.

Some carbuilders create such works as concept cars to attract backing for their dream of starting their own specialty marque. Moreno just did it because he wanted to. Now that’s Italian.

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