Later we’ll be posting a gallery of the most attractive, noteworthy, and technologically advanced cars from this year’s New York International Auto Show (watch our auto show coverage page here). But for now, I present you with the most unfortunate piece of automotive design on the showroom floor: The Toyota Yaris Club Five Axis Design.

This car is not entirely new – it was first unveiled at last year’s SEMA show – but it bears repeated viewing. Designed by the Huntington Beach, California firm Five Axis, this Yaris is meant to be an homage to the sixties-era Toyota 7 racecar, and it’s outfitted with Sparco racing gear on the inside and a vintage ivory white paintjob and assymetrical racestripe on the outside. It seats only one person, preferably someone who is not easily embarrassed.

To be fair to Five Axis, there’s also a Five Axis Scion here that looks fantastic. And some people may find this Yaris downright cute. Just not me. Check out the photos and decide for yourself.

Toyota Yaris Five Axis

Toyota Yaris Five Axis

Toyota Yaris Five Axis

The Toyota 7

Toyota’s first custom-built racer from the 1960s served as the muse for the Yaris Five Axis.