Robots photo

Oh, Boston Dynamics. The maker of cool/creepy robots resembling humans and beasts is at it again. This time, the company took its Atlas robot out for a walk in the woods, complete with an entourage of attendants carrying its cables on foot, and more people driving its power generator in a golf cart.

The surreal sight was posted on Reddit yesterday, and was reportedly captured by the Redditor’s mother while out on a hike with her dog. Both look pretty stunned at the procession. And who wouldn’t be, in this day and age? Though as another commenter points out, it could become much more common:

But if Boston Dynamics is going to be the one to usher in that era of commonplace, smooth-moving robots, it will have to prove first it can stand apart from its previous owner, Google — either as a subsidiary of another larger brand, or on its own two (or four) feet.