While the negative effects of blue light are far from settled science, there are some things we know to be true: Blue light is on the spectrum of light visible to the human eye, and seeing a lot of it could affect our circadian rhythms—the cycles that tell us when to sleep or wake up. When it’s sunny and blue light is scattered, it can help us feel better and more alert. But with the surge in artificial blue light from our digital screens, computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and LED lighting, researchers are concerned we might be inhibiting our ability to sleep.

If putting away your electronics isn’t an option, consider a simple device designed to block some blue light.

A stylish take. Amazon

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Pixel is a line of eyewear that claims to block 50 percent of blue light and is designed specifically to reduce symptoms of eye strain, dry eyes, and headache from viewing computers, phones, TVs, and other screens. They offer a variety of styles and minimal color distortion, so they look like you’re wearing normal glasses. The lenses are also glare, smudge, and scratch-proof.

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If you spend a lot of time staring at your phone, you may want to consider directly filtering out the blue light from the tiny screen that holds you captive for hours each day. This thin and easy-to-install tempered glass protector does double duty by protecting your phone’s screen and filtering out blue light. It’s even compatible with the iPhone 11, 6.1-inch model.

For those who still watch movies on televisions. Amazon

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If you watch TV on an actual TV (as opposed to Netflixing on your laptop in bed), it may be a good idea to invest in a screen protector for your box. This protector also features UV400 and radiation protection, and is anti-glare.

For your little ones. Amazon

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These silicone glasses are comfortable to wear and painfully cute, and filters out blue light for developing eyes. It’s perfect for toddlers through pre-teens that spent a lot of time YouTubing, gaming, or FaceTiming with grandma and grandpa. They come with a hard case and cleaning cloth.