Teeth whiteners for a brighter smile

Three options for your pearly off-whites.

woman smiling
Say cheese!Lesly Juarez via Unsplash

Getting whiter teeth without an expensive procedure at the dentist’s office is more accessible than ever. Here are some of our top picks to look picture perfect.

Crest 3D White Whitestrips Vivid Plus

Classic Choice

Quick and easy, 30-minute sessions.Amazon

Crest Whitestripes are heavy-duty enough to work on stains from heavy smoking, coffee drinking, and wine tasting. Wrap these coated film strips around your chompers once a day for 30 minutes, and you’ll likely see whiter teeth in 10 days.

iSmile Teeth Whitening Kit

Everything You Need

For more intensive results at the professional level.Amazon

If you need whiter teeth in a pinch, this teeth whitening kit gives you results after just one use, which takes 10 minutes. It combines a light tray with a gel that can get your teeth up to eight shades lighter in one week. It uses carbamide peroxide, which many dentists deploy in their offices.

AsaVea Teeth Whitening Pen, 2 pens, More Than 20 Uses, Effective, Painless, No Sensitivity, Travel Friendly, Easy to Use, Beautiful White Smile, Natural Mint Flavor

Use Twice A Day

Remove the stains.Amazon

If you don’t want to deal with strips or products you have to leave in your mouth like a mouth guard, AsaVea’s Teeth Whitening pens are a solid choice. They are easy to carry around and the enamel-safe carbamide peroxide is easy to apply. Pop off the lid and use the soft brush to place the foaming gel wherever you want to be whitened. The pens have a transparent area so you can see how much product is left in the container. This set comes with two and you are instructed to use it twice a day.