flowers in a pot
Grow plants easily indoors. Tim Gouw via Unsplash

Do you always forget to water your plants? Are you stuck in a dimly lit apartment with dreams of a lush, growing herb garden? Let these indoor smart gardens help you hack your way to a greener thumb. Smart gardens provide growing lights, watering reminders, and more for an (almost) foolproof way to grow plants, even if you’re stuck in a tiny apartment.

Six at a time: AeroGarden Elite

Grow Up To 12 Inches Tall

Fresh herbs on your kitchen counter. Amazon

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The AeroGarden Elite will let you grow up to 6, 12-inch plants at a time. It comes with an herb seed kit that includes two kinds of basil, plus parsley, dill, thyme, and mint, along with a three-ounce bottle of plant nutrients to last you through a season of growth. The 20-watt LED growing light is designed to help your plants grow. A control panel will remind you when it’s time to add water or plant food, and automatically turns the lights on and off for your sprouting herbs. It’s a hydroponic system, which means your plants grow in water, not dirt (less messy, faster for growth), and it comes in an array of colors, like red, sage, or white.

Self-watering: Click and Grow Smart Garden

Light? Check. Attractive Design? Check!

It comes with basil seeds, but you can buy new varieties on your own. Amazon

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The Click and Grow Smart Garden is designed to take all the hard work out of gardening for you: the LED grow lights are energy-efficient, the smart soil technology gives plants plenty of nutrients without you having to do a thing, and low water reminders tell you when it’s time to refill your water tank (the garden waters itself automatically). Drop pre-seeded plant pods to grow herbs like cilantro, basil, lavender, or small items like chili peppers and strawberries. It’s about the size of a loaf of bread and fits perfectly on a kitchen counter.

For succulents: Torchstar Indoor Herb Garden

Budget-Friendly Option

You’ll have to manage the watering yourself. Amazon

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You don’t have to spend a fortune on a smart garden: this easy-to-set-up planter uses a 4000K white LED light that helps plants grow in a modern white container. A smart timer tells the light to work: 16 hours on, 8 hours off. You’ll need to water your own plants, but the light is perfect to foster herbs like mint, sweetgrass, or succulents.