Robot and electronic toys for kids on table with other science gifts, video game controller and laptop
Build the science gifts of your dreams, like a personal robot. Unsplash

The great thing about children is that they little scientists at heart. The science gifts on this list will help kids teach themselves about electronics, biology, engineering, geometry, and more.

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Science kit for kids: Learn to Solder and Make a Robot Car Kit


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For older children, creating their own electronics can be a rewarding experience. This DIY science kit for kids teaches them valuable skills like soldering to make a car that automatically avoids objects.

Compatible with smartphone accessories: Handheld Wireless Digital Microscope


Dcorn Wireless Digital Microscope

This option is compatible with all kinds of smartphones, including iPhones and Android devices, as well as computers.

Thanks to smartphones and smartphone accessories, we all have a camera in our pocket. However, a more powerful model—like one found on a handheld digital microscope—will allow your little one to explore the world around them.

Learn to code with LEGOs: MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor Building Set


LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor Building Set

This set of building blocks can be transformed into any of five robots and includes a rechargeable battery.

LEGOs are so much more than kids toys—these sets are tools to teach them how to code. Whether you’re looking for LEGOs for girls or LEGOs for boys, the familiar medium mixed with electronics will make this their favorite of any science gifts you buy.

Gifts for kids who love biology: Nancy B’s Science Club AquaScope

Ages 8+

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Learning with telescopes doesn’t have to exclusively focus on astronomy. An underwater ‘scope can teach them about life here on Earth. Look for science kits for kids that have features like built-in thermometers, rulers, and LED flashlights.

Engineering toys for kids: GoldieBlox

Ages 4+

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Engineering toys for kids teach them about the literal building blocks of society. Science gifts for kids specifically aimed at girls look to close the gender gap in STEM fields.

Science gifts for kids who love games: Laser Maze

Ages 8+

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The best science gifts for kids are ones that you can do together. Board games with lasers and mirrors will teach them about lasers, optics, and logic while they think they’re just having a fun game night.

Science kits for kids who love nature: Venus Fly Traps

Ages 4+

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Looking to teach your kids about responsibility and nature? Look for terrariums—science kits for kids to grow plants. Venus Fly Traps can help you capture insects in your house, and many kits just require you to add water and watch them grow.

Multipurpose science gifts: Air-Stream Machines

Ages 8+

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Clearly, the ideal way to learn about flight is to build your own working hovercraft. Look for science gifts that let kids experiment with propellers, impellers, air pressure, and air flow.

World of experiments: Crayola Liquid Science Kit for Kids


Crayola Liquid Science Kit for Kids, Water Experiments

More than a dozen activities to do involving colors and liquids.

Just like colors, liquids are all around us. Science kits for kids that have multiple experiments are a great way to stimulate thinking and teach them to build on previous knowledge.

Science gifts for kids who love physics: Snap Circuits Motion Electronics Exploration Kit

Ages 8+

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If your child is younger or you’re worried about them using tools, look for science gifts that snap together. Many companies create sets where pieces are interchangeable and let your little one’s imagination run wild.