Each face contains a skull, and every skull was once inside a face. Crystal Head Vodka, named after its distinctive packaging, has had for a long time no face attached to its glassy bone structure. Thanks to Nigel Cockerton, who reconstructs the faces of found bones for forensic purposes, we can now see the face of every bottle. [But can we unsee it? -ed.]

The full process, from glass skeleton to maniacally grinning face, is visible in a step-by-step slideshow over at Crystal Head Vodka’s Facebook page, First come the eyes, then musculature. Next is skin, followed finally by hair. Here’s a non-vodka example of the process, by Cicero Moraes: by Cicero Moraes

Historical figures, especially those for whom we have bones but no photographs, are a popular choice for forensic reconstructions. Cockerton’s alma mater, the University of Dundee, even did a facial reconstruction of Richard III, based on his human remains.

Below is what the finished skull looks like. It looks about as happy as someone with a brain full of vodka.

The Completed Skull Face