September 2011: Better, Smarter, Faster


Extremely Mobile Devices

How Silicon Valley engineers are transforming cars into very smart, very fast information systems by Josh Dean

The Education Issue

So You Call This College?

Live on a volcano, destroy cars, build robots, and listen to distant galaxies in the most awesome labs on Earth By Andrew Rosenblum

First Steps of a Cyborg

Austin Whitney didn’t want to graduate from college in a wheelchair. So he and the student engineers at U.C. Berkeley’s “Kaz Lab” built a machine that allowed him to stand up and walk across the commencement stage By James Vlahos

High School Inventors, 2011 Edition

Ten students who are improving MRIs, cancer treatments and human-robot interaction–between classes, of course By Katherine Bagley

Reengineering the University

What’s the best way to make scientists? By Matthew Yglesias

What’s New


How 2.0



  • Endangered Wild Horses Get a Health Check