November 2011: Data Is Power


The Glory of Big Data

Suddenly, we can know the world completely. Next, we program it by Juan Enriquez

The Santa Cruz Experiment

Can a crime problem become just a data problem? by Kalee Thompson

[Where Data Lives

Inside the ten most amazing databases in the world By Rena Marie Pacella

The Unsplittable Bit

As scientists cache, crunch, and quantize everything, will they ever reach the end? by James Gleick

Timeline: Data

A history of revolutions in data, from the cuneiform to your Google search (and Wikipedia research) of the word “cuneiform” curated by Stephen Wolfram

This Man Could Rule the World

How Albert-László Barabási went from mapping systems to controlling them by Gregory Mone

Q&A: Seth Lloyd

Seth Lloyd, director of the Center for Extreme Quantum Information Theory at MIT, answers some (very) big questions, about his beer keg superconductors and our quantum universe. by Flora Lichtman

See The Data-Centric Universe, Then and Now

Our zoomable map of the known universe allows you to compare what we had discovered in 1950 with what we know now by Mara Grunbaum and Tulp Interactive

And Yet… And Yet…

Do we really gain anything from the ceaseless profusion of data? by Lawrence Weschler

What’s New

How 2.0



  • Scientists Discover How Multiple Genes Work Together