Android Wear For iPhone Is Official

Here are all the smartwatches you can use

It’s official: Google’s plans to release an Android Wear for iOS app: The search giant announced today that iPhone users will be able to pair use any third-party smartwatches running Android Wear using Bluetooth and the app. Until today, iPhones were only able to pair up with the Apple Watch.

The Android Wear app for iOS allows iPhone users to pair popular smartwatches such as the Asus Zenwatch 2, Huawei Watch, and upcoming Moto 360. In addition to yet-to-be released smartwatches, iOS users can pair with the smartwatches such as the LG Watch Urbane starting today.

In a statement released today, Google touted its long-awaited Android Wear for iOS app. Here are a few important details from the release:

Wearables running Android Wear won’t be the first third-party devices to work with the iPhone. The Pebble line of devices are some of the most popular non-Apple iOS smartwatches. Even dedicated fitness trackers like the Fitbit Charge can ping users with call notifications. The addition of Android Wear will greatly increase the amount of choices iPhone users have when choosing their preferred smartwatch.

Android Wear’s arrival on iOS has been expected for quite some time. Last week, Huawei leaked the announcement on their Amazon product page before Google’s official statement. Android Wear will bring many new options to iPhone users including variety in physical design, hardware specifications, and third-party watch faces.

With IFA 2015 right around the corner, iPhone-using smartwatch fans could see even more compatible wearables announced for their device. Stay tuned for more updates.