Good dogs deserve good presents, and Christmas morning is so much better when there’s a happy dog running around with a new toy.

Understand your pup. Amazon

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Shelters aren’t great at identifying breeds for the pooches in their kennels—it’s difficult to do on sight alone. But if you’ve ever wondered what your pup is made of, you can buy this DNA kit and figure it out for sure. Purebred dogs are massive inbred, which makes it easy to identify which traits come from which lineages, plus you probably don’t have to worry about privacy issues with this one like you would for a human DNA test.

Keep track of your animal. Amazon

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Keep track of your dog while you’re away or just when you’re too lazy to get up and see where they’ve gotten to with this GPS tracker. More seriously, if you’ve got a pet that loves to run off this could be an actual life-saver. The collar will send you updates if your pooch has strayed too far, so you can go out after them before they’ve gotten away entirely.

Note: Whistle’s version requires a small monthly fee (many others do too) to give cellular service to the device—that’s so it can tell you where your pet is from anywhere, not just within Bluetooth range.

The ‘world’s best dog ball’ Amazon/Planet Dog

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“Industry experts” call this doggie ball the best in the world. It floats, bounces, and tastes like mint, plus it’s super durable. Fair warning: you may end up hating it because your dog won’t let you stop playing fetch.

For chewing! Amazon/Big Dog Antler Chews

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Give this to your big dog to make him feel wild. Or give it to your tiny pup and giggle as he tries to drag it around. Either way, it’s an excellent chew toy for pals who rip up every gift you’ve ever given them.

Keep your doggie in check. Amazon/Puppy Bumpers

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Your puppy will never know how silly she looks in this thing. But you will, and you’ll get so much joy from it. The real purpose is to keep little dogs from pushing their heads (or their whole bodies) through narrow fence openings.

To get their brains going. Amazon

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Help your pup get smarter by teaching him or her how to solve puzzles. You can start with beginner level if your doggie is kind of an idiot, then work your way up. Or jump right into the intermediate level if your pooch is a genius. Either way, she gets treats!

Great bobbing fun. Amazon/StarMark

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It wobbles. It’s bright and adorable. It dispenses food. It’s everything your dog wants in a toy. You can put treats in here or an entire meal’s worth of kibble and watch your puppy bat it around trying to get that last morsel out. Hours of entertainment for all.

For owners that don’t know how to throw. Amazon/Canine Hardware

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Really a gift for you and your dog, because with the Chuckit you’ll be able to throw that tennis ball farther for longer. It’s basically a long flexible arm that increases your chucking power—plus it grips the slimy ball for you, so you don’t have to touch a bunch of drool.

If they become best friends with a puddle… Amazon/Waterpik

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Okay, so your pooch may not actually enjoy this shower tool, but he’ll sure appreciate when he’s clean enough for people to want to pet him. The attachment fits onto your shower or a garden hose, for indoor/outdoor rinsing, and it even has a hook on top so you can hang it nearby instead of throwing it on the ground.