CES 2015: See What Your Dog Sees With Motorola’s New Wireless Dog Collar [Video]

Like a GoPro for pooches

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Motorola’s Scout5000 is perhaps the most advanced dog collar we’ve seen yet. Where you might expect a name tag, the Scout5000 has what is essentially a smartphone.

The $200 device goes on sale in April and has an integrated 720p wide-angle camera, allowing you to see the world through your dog’s eyes—or at least from below its squishable, droopy jowls. Wi-Fi beams data back and forth when your pup is at home. When she’s outside, the system relies on a 3G mobile subscription. (We’re told the first year is on the house; after that it’ll cost about $5 a month.) The Scout5000 also offers GPS tracking services through an app, which also allows you to freak out your dog by speaking through the device. For a closer look at how it works, check it out in this video from our partner Portico.

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