Watch A Mortar Blow Up A Watermelon

Crazy Russian Hacker, back at it again.

Ah, summer. The season when people find new and inventive ways to destroy watermelons in slow motion.

Youtube star CrazyRussianHacker is mostly known for testing internet rumors and finding cheap and effective life hacks to help you out around the house. But even he apparently cannot resist the allure of blowing melon particulate across an open field just, well, because why not.

The video features our hero and two friends courageously cramming a mortar shell into the dug-out center of a watermelon, lighting the fuse with a blowtorch, and running for cover. After a few misses (and near-misses) they get some great shots of everyone’s favorite warm-weather treat/target going kaboom. Somewhere out there, Gallagher is smiling.